Custom Biosafety Cabinet

Multi-piece Design | Type A2 or B2 | Custom Dimensions | Fits any Application

The LabGard NU-L121 custom Class II Biosafety Cabinet provides personnel, product, and environmental protection for applications involving laboratory automation robotics systems. Model NU-L121 is designed as a multiple-piece unit to be assembled onsite. The cabinet can be designed as a Type A2 BSC allowing for recirculation of work zone air or a Type B2 BSC exhausting workzone air without recirculation. The NuAire custom design process ensures the customized product meets your facility space, workflow, and product needs.

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NU-L121 Custom Class II Biosafety Cabinet custom dimensions

The Perfect Fit

Custom Dimensions

The LabGard NU-L121 interior work zone is designed around your laboratory solution. Custom height, width, and depth dimensions ensure the robotic lab systems fit within the sterile work zone while accounting for enough room for proper airflow and access by users when needed.

Flexible Design

Type A2 or B2

The NU-L121 can be designed as a Class II, Type A2, or Type B2 Biosafety Cabinet (BSC). Both offer personnel, product, and environmental protection, but Type A2 recirculates 70% of its air while exhausting the remaining 30%. The A2 cabinet can be recirculated back into the laboratory environment or exhausted through a facility system. The Type B2 BSC is a total exhaust cabinet meaning 100% of the air entering the cabinet is exhausted through a facility HVAC system. The Type B2 cabinet is ideal when working with volatile chemicals, which can be determined after a risk assessment.

Multi-piece custom class II biosafety cabinet

Designed for Hard to Reach Places

Multi-Piece Design

The NU-L121 is designed as a modular piece cabinet to be assembled onsite. The Multi-piece design is the perfect solution to house large lab automation systems that need Class II Biosafety Cabinet protection but cannot install a single-piece cabinet due to space restrictions in the freight elevator, hallways, corners, doors, and more.

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