Floor Mount Seismic Auto Base Stand Additional Installation Notes


Floor Mount Seismic Auto Base Stand Additional Installation Notes

NuAire's technical bulletin ATB0355 offers crucial additional installation notes for the Floor Mount Seismic Auto Base Stand. This accessory is engineered with a reinforced telescoping end panel and side panel to minimize X-Y movement during seismic events. Proper alignment of the telescoping structure is vital to ensure free up/down movement and prevent binding. The bulletin emphasizes the importance of addressing floor imperfections that may affect the seismic bracket installation, potentially altering the base plate position and causing issues with the telescoping structure.

The document outlines steps for verifying the auto base stand function after installing the seismic brackets, including self-realignment procedures for the inner telescoping channel. It provides detailed instructions on adjusting bolts and using lithium grease to aid free movement if binding occurs. Additionally, the bulletin advises on periodic preventative maintenance to keep the hydraulic lift systems in safe operating condition.

These detailed notes are essential for ensuring the base stand's reliability and performance, helping maintain operational efficiency and safety in environments prone to seismic activity. For further information, refer to PTB0366 and PTB0351 for comprehensive installation and maintenance guidelines.