CO2 Incubator 145C Decon Cycle

Watch our instructional video on the 145°C high heat decontamination cycle in a NuAire CO2 Incubator! Discover how this effective 145°C dry cycle eradicates contaminants in less than 8 hours without requiring recalibration or removal of the CO2 IR sensor.

Important: Ensure the outer door remains closed during the cycle and when the chamber temperature exceeds 55°C to avoid burns from hot surfaces. Preparation is key – remove all culture cells, samples, dishes, and instruments, and thoroughly clean any spills or materials from the chamber. Remember to use a cleaner compatible with your incubator's construction, adhering to all relevant regulations. The RH sensor should be removed before starting the cycle for models with RH control.

Maintain a contaminant-free environment with this efficient decontamination process.