When Work is Completed in the Biosafety Cabinet

This video focuses on the proper decontamination procedures for a biosafety cabinet. It explains that all items that have been in contact with an agent should be enclosed and decontaminated before being removed from the cabinet. At the end of the work day, the cabinet should be thoroughly wiped down and decontaminated, including the interior of the glass, if necessary. The cabinet should also be monitored for radioactivity and decontaminated when necessary. The video also covers proper procedures for handling small spills within the cabinet, including the use of disinfectants and the importance of washing hands. It also notes that specific models of biosafety cabinets come equipped with features such as a night set-back to lower energy costs and an ultraviolet light timer to shut off after a set point has been reached automatically. It also emphasizes that personnel should always wear gloves, remove them, and wash their hands when necessary to maintain safe microbiological practices.

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