CO2 Incubator Calibration

The DHD infrared CO2 sensor in a CO2 incubator used for biomedical and microbiological research can be calibrated using the Open Door Zero-Span Calibration technique. The calibration can be performed by accessing the CO2 calibrations menu in the Service Settings and following the on-screen instructions. To complete the calibration, an independent CO2 monitoring device is attached to the sample port on the front of the unit, the Open Door Zero Span Calibration option is selected, and on-screen instructions are followed. The CO2 inject rate is automatically calculated from the CO2 injection made during the span calibration. The reading from your independent CO2 measurement device will be entered when prompted.

Remember to calibrate your CO2 Sensor:

  • After Initial Installation if Desired
  • Every 6 Months, during Maintenance
  • As Dictated by Laboratory SOPs
  • After Changing the CO2 Set Point
  • After Changing the CO2 Sensor
  • After Changing Any Filters