CO2 Incubator Changing the Disk Filters

This video shows how to change the air and gas disk filters in a NuAire CO2 Incubator. It is recommended to check these filters every six months and change them when they become discolored or after every fifth time you change a gas tank. Before starting, it is essential to transfer and safeguard any cell cultures and safely shut down the incubator following the instructions in the manual. Once the incubator is shut down, open the doors and remove the valence to access the filters on the front of the incubator. Inspect each filter and look for yellow-brown discoloration. Next, remove the old filter from the tubing and connect a new one. Make sure to install the new filter with the correct orientation, with the filter side labeled "IN" installed toward the inlet tubing from the top. Replace the valence and close the door when finished. After changing the filters, it is recommended to recalibrate the incubator's gas sensors.