CO2 Incubator Made with Copper Fights Contamination in a University of Liverpool Laboratory


CO2 incubator with copper growth chamber.

SCHAUMBURG, IL-- The University of Liverpool’s (UK) Biological Sciences Department has installed a NuAire incubator lined with antimicrobial copper. Copper and copper alloys are powerful antimicrobials with rapid, broad-spectrum efficacy against bacteria.

CO2 Incubator Made of Copper

John Jerger of Triple Red UK, who supplied and installed the NuAire CO2 Incubator Made with Copper, explains, “Bacterial contamination was a particular concern for this client, so we supplied the incubator with a copper lining. Bacteria settling on the copper surfaces will be continuously killed off, working in conjunction with HEPA filtration and a high-temperature decontamination cycle to offer the cleanest possible surfaces.”

Copper growth chamber of a CO2 incubator with samples.

Touch surfaces made of copper are used by healthcare facilities and research laboratories around the world to reduce exposure to infectious bacteria, supplementing key infection control measures such as good hand hygiene and frequent surface cleaning and disinfection.

Stacked CO2 incubators in a laboratory.

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