CO2 Incubator O2 Sensor Calibration

This video covers the process of calibrating the O2 (Oxygen) sensor on a CO2 incubator. It is recommended to calibrate the sensor at installation and every six months thereafter or as dictated by laboratory policy. It is also advised to calibrate after changing the set point, the O2 sensor, or any incubator filters. Before starting, it is essential to ensure chamber temperature, CO2, and humidity are stable and to transfer and safeguard cell cultures. The process involves connecting an independent O2 measuring instrument to the sample port and using the adaptor tube included with the incubator to connect the instrument tubing to the sample port. The calibration is done by entering the "Service Settings" menu and entering the reading from the independent instrument as the Calibrated O2 Reading when prompted. Once calibrated, the adaptor is removed, and the sample port is capped.