Customizing Biosafety Cabinets A Holistic Approach

Discover the possibilities of customized biosafety cabinets and how they can revolutionize your lab environment in our upcoming webinar, "Customizing Biosafety Cabinets: A Holistic Approach." This comprehensive session will demystify the complexities around customizing biosafety cabinets and address the critical questions you should ask: When is a custom cabinet necessary? Who will design it? How will it be maintained? We've assembled an esteemed panel of experts from diverse backgrounds to guide you through these multifaceted considerations. Our first guest, Julian Ann Baron, is a registered Bio Safety Professional and the President of Science and Safety Consulting, bringing insights from a risk assessment angle. Bill Peters, President of NuAire, Inc., contributes his expertise in biosafety cabinet manufacturing, informed by his years on the NSF Committee for Bio Safety Cabinetry. Rounding off our panel is Jim Wagner, President of Controlled Environment Consulting, an authority in clean rooms and other engineering controls. Don't miss this opportunity to gain holistic insights from leaders in the field. Whether planning a new lab setup or considering updates to your existing environment, this webinar is a can't-miss event for anyone committed to operational excellence in life sciences.