Handling Spills in a Compounding Isolator

This video demonstrates how to handle user assessment, user safety, and user handling of any spills that may occur during the normal operation of a restricted access barrier system (RABS).

Well documented policies and procedures must be outlined concerning spills and cleanup. This documentation must include personnel responsible for assessing the spill size and scope. All users must be trained to contain and clean up any spills with a kit immediately. A spill kit should always be available wherever hazardous drugs are routinely used.

Utility gloves are required whenever a spill occurs within an isolator. In a negative pressure environment, tape should be applied over the utility glove. Take exceptional care to ensure the fixed glove assembly does not become damaged, especially when broken glass is involved.

If an aerosol or liquid comes in contact with the HEPA filter, immediately discontinue the isolator's use. The isolator cannot be used until the HEPA filter is replaced and the isolator recertified.