General Technical Bulletin

NU-620 Performance Evaluation

When designing the next generation of Animal Transfer Stations (ATS), there were many things NuAire considered. The original ATS NuAire produced from the early 2000s was designed to replace horizontal laminar flow hoods that were being used in cage changing operations. These units were not mobile and provided product protection but no personnel protection. The NU‐612 was mobile and provided product protection and improved allergen control for the user with a large 14” access opening. The NU‐612 had an inflow of 10‐20 FPM providing improved allergen control. The work access opening airflow pattern had a robust negative flow into the grill on the lower half and a positive flow on the upper half. Recently a high level of concern in the animal science industry to minimize allergen exposure has caused primary engineering control performance to increase average inflow velocity. NuAire’s current ATS, the NU‐ 619, has a higher inflow velocity of 20‐30 FPM, offering full containment on a negative airflow pattern over the entire work access opening while still maintaining product protection. To further improve ATS containment performance increasing the average inflow velocity and critical design elements was our goal for the next generation ATS.