Set Data Logging Parameters on Your Blizzard NU-99100J -80°C Ultralow Temperature Freezer

Immerse yourself in our insightful video tutorial designed to guide you through setting the data logging period for data export on a Blizzard under-the-counter -80°C Ultralow Temperature Freezer. The video offers clear instructions on navigating the freezer's settings, from unlocking the control panel using the default security code to accessing the "P6" parameter and adjusting the data logging period. Whether you need a short-term data snapshot or up to 12 months of detailed logs, our guide will empower you to utilize this freezer's data-logging functionality to its full potential. You'll also learn about the maximum capacity of the data log - a whopping 15 years. Finally, discover how to save your adjustments and efficiently return to the main screen. Watch this video to confidently manage your data logging parameters and optimize your freezer's operational efficiency.