Life Science

Life Science Laboratory Equipment

The life sciences is a broad, multi-faceted industry that, in the most general sense, deals with the investigation of living things. It includes a range of more specific scientific fields, like microbiology, zoology, biochemistry, cell biology, evolutionary biology, anatomy, biophysics, epidemiology, marine biology, genetics, botany, ecology and more. In a life science laboratory, researchers are concerned with studying the structure and function of living things, both on a macro scale (e.g. entire ecosystems) and a micro scale (e.g. individual cells). Life science labs are primarily a place for research work.

Scientists who work in life science labs are committed to doing research that helps the public better understand life, human and animal health, and the environment. From their investigations, life scientists are able to do things that benefit many people, such as cure diseases, develop a better understanding of genetics, grow plants more effectively, study fossils, stop the spread of viruses and much, much more.

Since life science laboratories are primarily used for research, the scientists that work in them are professional researchers that have high-level degrees, often in a very specific field within the life sciences. In addition to the researchers, life science labs are also staffed with lab managers, who are in charge of managing the administrative side of the lab and overseeing the day-to-day lab procedures. Lab managers are tasked with things like reordering supplies, ensuring safety standards are met and scheduling lab staff. Life science labs also have lab technicians, who have specialized certifications to handle laboratory equipment. Lab technicians help assist scientists in their research efforts, as well as properly maintain the lab and its tools.

If you work in a life science lab, NuAire manufactures a wide range of environmental research laboratory equipment that can help you with your research needs. These products can assist you in cell preparation and analysis by ensuring sterile environments that help grow, separate, and store research in a wide variety of life science fields. Products from NuAire that may be beneficial to you in the lab include class I, II, and III biological safety cabinets, custom robotic enclosures, CO2 incubators, ultra-low temperature freezers, PCR workstations, laboratory centrifuges, polypropylene fume foods, polypropylene casework, balance enclosures, vertical flow workstations, and horizontal flow workstations.

We manufacture ergonomically designed laboratory equipment you can trust in so you can concentrate on what matters, your research.