NuAire Small Elbow Rest

Improve comfort and airflow in your lab with the NU-978-001 Small Elbow Rest for Biosafety Cabinets. It is ergonomic, easy to clean, and fits all cabinet models.


Enhance your lab work experience with the NU-978-001 Small Biosafety Cabinet Elbow Rest. Designed for ergonomic support, it keeps your arms elevated, ensuring unobstructed airflow while maintaining comfort during prolonged work in your NuAire Class II Biological Safety Cabinet. This elbow rest features comfortable, close-cell sponge padding that is liquid-resistant, adding to its practicality. Its versatile design fits all models of Biological Safety Cabinets, is easy to clean, and is autoclavable for optimal hygiene. Included rubber feet caps allow for use on flat surfaces like countertops. Made from stainless steel, aluminum, and 1/4 inch silicon foam, this five-inch (127 mm) long elbow rest is a must-have for any lab prioritizing comfort and efficiency.

Unobstructed Airflow Design

The NU-978-001 Elbow Rest is expertly designed to keep your arms elevated, ensuring that the airflow within the Biological Safety Cabinet is not disrupted. This feature maintains the essential safety protocol of proper airflow, which is crucial for specimen protection and laboratory safety while you perform delicate tasks.

Ergonomic Support for Extended Activities

Ergonomically crafted, the elbow rest provides comfortable forearm support, ideal for long periods of lab work, particularly during repetitive tasks like pipetting. This support reduces strain on arms and shoulders, enhancing comfort and focus during prolonged laboratory activities, thereby improving work quality and efficiency.

Durable and Easy to Clean

Made from high-quality materials, the elbow rest is autoclavable and can be quickly disinfected using standard lab decontaminants, such as alcohol. The durability and ease of cleaning ensure that the elbow rest remains a hygienic and long-lasting addition to your lab environment, upholding strict cleanliness standards while enduring rigorous daily use.


Material Stainless steel, aluminum, and padded with 1/4 inch (6 mm) silicon foam
Exterior Depth Inches (mm) 3 (76)
Exterior Height Inches (mm) 1.875 (48)
Exterior Width Inches (mm) 5 (127)



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