White Paper

Centrifuge Preventative Maintenance

Any academic or professional undertaking is built on knowledge, and the equipment that allows experts to perform their duties is critical. In addition to training and expertise, the ability to obtain information and analyze materials is necessary to the work. In the life sciences, healthcare, and laboratory research, benchtop and floor centrifuges are among the many types of required equipment. Highly precise devices can be costly, but also can have a useful lifespan of 10 years or more if properly maintained. Laboratory centrifuges must be operated correctly and undergo regular maintenance in order to achieve maximum lifespan. Improper use can reduce lifespan, cause inefficient operation, and even create safety hazards. Repeated operational errors and lack of maintenance over time can also increase expenses for an organization or department due to repair costs and more frequent replacement. This budget impact can have secondary impacts on the careers of the managers responsible for the equipment.