General Technical Bulletin

General Camera Information and Use with Isolators and Biosafety Cabinets

In today’s world, residential, commercial and institutions (homes, businesses, stores, and schools) commonly install camera surveillance systems for the protection of occupants and visitors. Recently with the news of incidents within pharmacies where the Compounded Sterile Products (CSP’s) were not prepared properly (compromised sterility, incorrect ingredients or concentration) there has been an increased awareness for the use of monitoring or surveillance systems to be located on or near the Primary Engineering Controls (PEC’s) for the purpose of monitoring the very critical work and/or maintaining video evidence on past procedures and training. To accomplish this, NuAire is now offering general guidance to aid in the selection of camera systems that can be mounted on or near the PEC for both new PEC purchases and for field retrofit. In addition to the general guidance, NuAire offers one camera choice along with accessories (i.e. cabling, monitors, DVR’s) for a turnkey solution. Nuaire, as in the past, offers special installation options for camera systems that are provided by the customer. For further information, please contact your NuAire representative, distributor or factory sales team member for assistance.