LabGard NU-543 Class II Type A2 Biosafety Cabinet Video Brochure

The LabGard NU-543 Class II Type A2 Biosafety Cabinet by NuAire offers adaptability and versatility for various applications in microbiology and pharmacy. It provides a trifecta of protection: personal, product, and environmental, with an ultra-high efficiency motor, a flexible HEPEX plenum, and a large exhaust HEPA filter. The cabinet is quiet, efficient, and reliable, with a robust warranty that includes HEPA filters. Its stainless-steel construction and single-piece dish work surface ensure optimal containment and easy cleaning. The NU-543 comes in four sizes, with features like the FlowGard control panel, timers, password protection, and a filter life indicator. It can be configured to meet global industry requirements and adapted for specialized biocontainment needs. Choose NuAire as the safer choice for your laboratory.