NU-240-330, NU-240-336 Laminar Airflow Hood Specification Drawing


NU-240-430, NU-240-436 Specification Drawing

Dive into the precise details of the NU-240-430 and NU-240-436 Specification Drawing, showcasing a nominal 4-foot wide workstation designed for unparalleled efficiency and cleanliness. These models have the advanced AeroMax control system, providing optimal airflow control, light management, and system diagnostics for a clean ISO 5 environment. The workstations feature a DC ECM motor/blower for energy efficiency, a removable aluminum diffuser for easy maintenance, and optional IV bars and duplex outlets for enhanced functionality. With HEPA filtration ensuring 99.99% efficiency at 0.3 microns, these workstations are ideal for tasks requiring cleanliness.