NU-620-500E and NU-621-500E Animal Transfer Station Technical Product Drawing


NU-620-500E and NU-621-500E Animal Transfer Station Technical Drawing

The technical product drawing for the NU-620-500E and NU-621-500E provides an in-depth look at the nominal 1.5-meter wide, 230-volt animal transfer stations (ATS). They are designed for the safe handling of laboratory animals in the vivarium. This drawing includes crucial dimensions and features that aid in small animal cage changing. The document's detail helps you understand how the AllerGard NU-620E and NU-621E can fit within your vivarium.

Complete with dimensions, electrical requirements, and customizable options, this drawing is a must-have for anyone responsible for vivarium design. It provides precise measurements, allowing for efficient space planning and seamless integration into your existing setup.

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