OM0267 NU-240 Operation and Maintenance Manual


OM0267 NU-240 Operation and Maintenance Manual

The OM0267 Operations and Maintenance Manual for the NU-240 AireGard™ Horizontal Laminar Flow Clean Workstation provides detailed guidance on this high-efficiency benchtop model's setup, operation, and maintenance. Manufactured by NuAire, Inc., the NU-240 delivers ISO Class 5 clean airflow, making it ideal for environments where contaminant-free air is essential for preparing injectable drugs, IV solutions, tissue cultures, and microelectronics.

The manual includes comprehensive safety instructions, emphasizing the importance of operating the workstation within specified parameters to prevent potential hazards. It details features and models optional base stands and provides step-by-step installation instructions to ensure proper setup and certification testing.

Operational guidelines highlight the need for continuous operation to maintain cleanliness, proper equipment positioning, and minimize air current disruptions. The manual also covers the Aeromax™ Control System, which monitors and displays airflow status to ensure safe operation and offers ergonomic advice to enhance user comfort and productivity.

Maintenance instructions cover replacing lamps, HEPA filters, pre-filters, and calibration and testing methods to verify performance. Troubleshooting guidance is provided to help users address any issues that arise. This manual allows users to maintain their NU-240 workstation efficiently, ensuring a contaminant-free environment crucial for sensitive applications.