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LabGard® ES NU-427 Class II, Type B1 Biosafety Cabinet

The LabGard® ES 427 Biological Safety Cabinet may be used for work with minute quantities of volatile chemicals and tracer amounts of radionuclides if it does not interfere with the work in the re-circulated downflow.

NSF/ANSI 49   UL Canada United States Listing

Part #: NU-427


This LabGard®: Class II, Type B1 biosafety cabinet is suitable for work with minute quantities of volatile chemicals and trace amounts of radionuclides in the direct-exhausted portion of the cabinet or if the chemicals or radionuclides will not interfere with the work when recirculated in the down-flow air.


A Comfortable Work Environment

Make your more comfortable and productive with the forearm support and ample knee and thigh clearance of this LabGard®: cabinet. The built-in height adjustment lets you set the workstation at the proper level for fatigue-free use. The cool white lighting reduces glare and eye strain, and the extensive work and viewing area make repetitive movements easier to prevent cramped necks, arms, and shoulders.

Easy Operation at a Glance

Operate system functions from the color touchscreen of the TouchLink2 ECS. This electronic control system manages lights, the blower, and interior outlets, and it can monitor airflow limits, window position and filter status. Use the timer to set purge cycles and time outlets, UV lights, nighttime setback and weekend shutdown. The Building Automation System lets you query and monitors operating information remotely.


HEPEX™ Zero-leak Airflow System

Depend on the HEPEX™ zero-leak airflow system to eliminate potential leaks by surrounding positive-pressure chambers and ducts with negative pressure. The fabrics in the HEPEX™ system are durable, flameproof and antibacterial. They also resist water, gases, fluid, dust, chemicals, oils and greases.

True Laminar Airflow

Reduce the chance of cross-contamination with the true laminar airflow. This system keeps unidirectional airflow moving along parallel lines at a constant velocity to reduce turbulence. Use the IntelliFlow system's dual thermistor airflow sensors to control real-time down flow and exhaust flow.

Dynamic Air Barrier and Exhaust Interlock

The dynamic air barrier ensures strong inflow air velocity over the aerodynamic airfoil. The exhaust interlock system prevents the internal supply blower from operating when the exhaust flow is insufficient to provide enough air-barrier inflow velocity.

Pressure-Tight Design

The uni-body design of this LabGard®: cabinet provides a single-shell, fully welded cabinet made of high-grade stainless steel to eliminate leaks.

Save Energy

Nighttime Setback

Use the NiteCare™ night setback mode when this LabGard®: cabinet is idle to save energy while ensuring a sterile work environment.

High-Efficiency Motor

Ultra high-efficiency motor technology increases filter life to 10 years or more while lowering energy costs. It also reduces motor noise and vibration for a quieter work environment.

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