Surface Decontamination in a Biosafety Cabinet

White Paper

Surface Decontamination in a Biosafety Cabinet

"Ask the Expert: Biosafety Cabinet Surface Decontamination Considerations" is a comprehensive white paper that provides crucial insights into the proper biosafety cabinets (BSCs) decontamination. It emphasizes the importance of pre-and post-use decontamination to ensure a safe and contamination-free working environment in clinical, pharmaceutical, and research laboratories.

The white paper begins by highlighting why decontaminating BSC surfaces before starting any work is as vital as post-use cleaning. It details how appropriate decontamination practices help maintain the integrity of the air curtain, ensuring that only HEPA-filtered air is released, thus protecting both personnel and products from contamination.

Choosing the proper disinfectant is crucial, and the paper outlines the factors to consider, such as the type of microorganisms present and material compatibility. It guides the selection of suitable disinfectants, ranging from high-level disinfectants like peracetic acid and chlorine dioxide to low-level disinfectants such as quaternary ammonium compounds.

The document also discusses practical techniques for effectively reaching all areas within the BSC, including the back wall, without compromising safety. It is recommended that mechanical aids like extendable mops be used to avoid putting one's head or upper body inside the cabinet.

The white paper stresses the significance of following up with additional cleaning after using corrosive disinfectants like bleach to prevent damage to the BSC's stainless-steel surfaces. It offers practical advice on safely applying disinfectants, ensuring proper labeling, and adhering to manufacturer instructions for use and contact time.

Incorporating feedback from lab personnel can help refine decontamination protocols and identify potential barriers to proper BSC use. The white paper is a comprehensive guide for lab managers and safety officers, ensuring that BSC decontamination procedures are thorough, effective, and safe.

By following the recommendations and best practices outlined in this white paper, labs can significantly enhance their safety protocols, protecting both personnel and the integrity of their work.