[White Paper] Biosafety Cabinet Buyer's Guide

September 6, 2016

The purchase of a biological safety cabinet (BSC) should be made with much consideration. Biosafety Cabinet's serve as the Primary Engineering Control (PEC) as the first line of defense in providing personnel, environmental and/or product protection against biohazards and potentially harmful agents in a range of laboratory, research, clinical, pharmacy and industrial settings.

To ensure that your laboratory or compounding pharmacy is functioning properly at a high safety level, providing a high-level BSC that helps facilitate an optimum working environment -- requires doing some investigation. A clear understanding of the important role these cabinets play in research and clinical environments will help ensure your laboratory is prepared to make sound, fact-based decisions regarding the biological safety cabinets that will best meet your current and anticipated needs.


Read this Biosafety Cabinet Buyer's Guide to identify and ask the right questions while performing your procurement process. 

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