AllerGard ESNU-620R
Innovive Rat Animal Transfer Station


The NU-620R uses an impeller and HEPA filter in both the supply module at the top of the unit as well as in the exhaust module at the bottom to turn the work zone in between into a vertical “piston of air.” The transfer station’s supply impeller at the top of the “piston” draws air down through a prefilter and propels it past a supply HEPA filter and towards the work zone to create a clean air environment. From there, the exhaust impeller at the bottom of the “piston” pulls the downflow air through the slots in the work surface to provide allergen containment. It continues to suck all the air past an exhaust pre-filter before pushing it out an exhaust HEPA filter at the bottom of the transfer station. This “push-pull” airflow passes through a work surface divided by air grills into clean and dirty areas and a work zone configured with the deep wells and feeder holders that the Innovive™ cage changing process requires.

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The AllerGard model NU-620R is standardized at a 5ft (1.5m) size to accommodate Innovive™ rat cages.


Quick Specs

Control System AeroMax
Downflow fpm (m/s) 80 FPM (0.38 m/s)
Protection Product
Work Access Opening(s) 14-inch (356mm)
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NU-620R Animal Transfer Station Dirty Cage Collection

Easily Stack Dirty Cages for Disposal

Dirty Cage Collection

After the lab rat cage change process, a collection bin can be placed on the foldable shelf to collect dirty cages. The open bag from the sterile rat cages can be placed in the collection bin. As each animal is placed in a clean cage, the dirty cage can be stacked in the collection bin. After a stack of Innocage® IVC Rat Cages has been used; the technician can close the dirty bag and remove it from the collection bin for disposal.

NU-620R Animal Transfer Station Innocage IVC Rat Deep Well

Maximize the Innovive Workflow

Deep Well for Innocage® ICV Rat Cages

The work surface of the Animal Transfer Station Innovive® Rat Edition features a deep well in the clean segment of the work zone. The deep well allows a technician to place a sterile stack of Innocage® IVC Rat Caging and open the bag under HEPA-filtered air to begin the cage-changing process.

NU-620R Animal Transfer Station Feed Holders

Improve the Cage Change Process

In Workzone Feed Holders

A package of Innocage® rat sterile feeders can be opened and stored in a holder under HEPA-filtered air, maximizing sterility. In addition, the in work zone holders allow a lab animal technician to access a feeder quickly, improving the cage-changing procedure.

NU-620R Animal Transfer Station Work Surface Design

Segment Clean from Dirty through Filtered Air

NU-620R Work Surface

The work surface features a pattern of air slots along the perimeter and across the interior of the work surface to segment the clean and dirty cage areas. At the same time, a left-side deep well allows for an easy-to-reach and space-saving area to place the stack of Innocage® IVC Rat Cages.

AeroMax Electronic Control System for Lab Equipment



The AeroMax control system visualizes airflow plenum pressure through a series of multicolored lights and activates both an audible and visual alarm whenever cabinet performance departs from normal parameters.

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Backed by the Industry's Best

  • 3 Years Parts & Labor (United States and Canada)
  • Consult Local Distributor (Global)

Standard Features

  • Supply Pre-filter
  • Supply Impeller
  • Supply HEPA Filter
  • Steel Construction
  • Polycarbonate Window
  • Magnifying Glass Window
  • 14-inch (356mm) Access Opening
  • Stainless Steel Work Surface with Prop Rod
  • Work Surface Divided into Clean / Dirty with Air Slots
  • Exhaust Pre-filter
  • Exhaust Impeller
  • Exhaust HEPA Filter
  • Motorized Height Adjustment
  • Castors
  • Pull Bars on Both Sides
  • LED Lighting
  • Outlet on Right Side Support
  • 1 Deepwell on 5 ft. (1.5m) Unit
  • Shelf on Right Side
Air Cleanliness (ISO 14644) ISO-Class-5
Built-in Shelf for Stand-Up Option N/A
Casters 6" (152mm)
Construction Painted Steel Main Cabinet, Stainless Steel Plenum & Work Surface, Polycarbonate View Screen
Control System AeroMax
Diffuser Aluminum
Downflow fpm (m/s) 80 FPM (0.38 m/s)
Electrical Configuration 115V60Hz
Exhaust Filter 6-inch (152mm)
Exhaust Prefilter Below Work Surface
Feeder Holder(s) Standard on Right and Left Side Wall
Folding Shelf Dimensions (W x D) Standard, 18-inch (457mm) x 30-inch (762mm)
Free Standing Cage Top Holder N/A
Fumigation: per NIH/NSF Procedures Yes
Hand Sanitizer Dispenser N/A
HEPA Filter Seal Type Inquire
Inflow fpm (m/s) Inquire
Lighting LED
Light Intensity fc (Lux) Inquire
Magnifying Glass in Window Standard
Motorized Base Stand Included
Outlet(s) On Right Side
Plenum Type Inquire
Power Cord Power Cord Reel
Power Cord Length Foot (Meter) Inquire
Protection Product
Safety Certification
Service Valves (3/8-inch NPT) N/A
Style Console
Supply Filter 6-inch (152mm)
Supply Prefilter Top of Unit
Viewing Window Inches (mm) Hinged
Work Access Opening(s) 14-inch (356mm)
Work Surface Stainless Steel with Prop Rod, Divided into Clean & Dirty via Slots

NuAire Accessories

Please keep in mind parts and accessories are product and size specific, contact your sales representative for any clarity to your size questions.
Warranty Standard Domestic Animal Transfer Station and Refuse Station Warranty

Standard Domestic Animal Transfer Station and Refuse Station Warranty

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Flyer AllerGard NU-620 Innovive ICV Caging System Edition Animal Transfer Station

AllerGard NU-620 Innovive Edition Product Flyer

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Video Airflow demonstration through smoke visualization on animal transfer station model NU-620.

AllerGard NU-620 Animal Transfer Station Smoke Flow Demonstration

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AllerGard NU-620 Series 5 Animal Transfer Station Manual

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AllerGard NU-620E Series 6 Animal Transfer Station Manual

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Brochure Innovive Edition Animal Transfer Station

Innovive Edition Animal Transfer Station

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