Experience Ergonomics: Advancements for Improved Safety Conditions, Productivity, Quality, and Reliability for the Reduction of Common Workplace Injuries


Superior Ergonomics Without Compromising on Safety

Technicians often spend extended time in front of a biosafety cabinet (BSC); this makes all-day comfort a necessity. NuAire Biological Safety Cabinets (BSC) are designed to specifically reduce arm, shoulder, and neck strain that often contributes to repetitive stress injuries. All NuAire equipment complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). A recessed front airfoil grill allows users to rest their arms without obstructing airflow. A recessed work tray provides additional flexibility when working with bottles or pipettes. The centrally located control panel combined with a shorter reach into the work zone allows users to bring work closer without sacrificing safety. An ergonomically designed chair with the optionally available footrest provides optimal back and leg support. The adjustable base stand allows laboratory personnel to personally customize their ergonomic conditions to optimize leg and arm support.

Forearm Support for Comfort and Safety

NuAire BSC Recessed Front Airfoil IllustrationStainless Steel Turntables allow full utilization of the BSC work zone with minimal turbulence

An expansive work access opening and a sloped armrest extension provide comfortable forearm support without obstructing the dynamic air barrier separating personnel from their work zone. Movable elbow rests with silicone padding can also be utilized for greater flexibility when handling various laboratory apparatuses inside the work zone, such as beakers, plates, blood tubes, etc. NuAire's stainless steel turntables also allow you to maximize the spatial efficiency of your cabinet's work surface while reducing turbulence caused by reaching around and across the work zone.

NuAire BSC ergonomic accessories include padded armrest extension, movable padded elbow rests, and stainless steel turn tables.  Padded armrest extension and movable elbow rests with silicone padding

Keep your arms relaxed and comfortable all day with NuAire's ergonomic BSC accessories, including disposable padded armrest covers, movable padded elbow rests, and stainless steel turntables.

Extended Access Opening & Sloped Viewing Window

NuAire Biological Safety Cabinets boast the largest allowable access opening of up to 12 inches (305 mm), significantly increasing the ability to transfer various laboratory materials in and out of the work zone without interrupting cabinet performance. The sloped viewing window also reduces eye, neck, shoulder, and back strain by redirecting ambient glare upwards and allowing a more natural posture while conducting your workflow. The frameless viewing window allows greater visibility and better sightlines into the work zone. Cool, white LED lighting reduces glare inside the work zone to further lessen eye fatigue during long work periods. The interior LED lighting consumes less energy than their fluorescent/incandescent counterparts and minimizes heat output above your products.

Model conveying proper ergonomic posture while working in a NuAire Biosafety Cabinet.

Adjustable Base Stand and Ergonomic Footrest

Every NuAire BSC can be fitted with an adjustable telescoping or mechanical auto-rising base stand to ensure the work surface remains elevated to your ideal height. An ergonomically designed chair with lumbar support combined with NuAire's adjustable footrest encourages proper posture that will help keep you comfortable all day.

Quiet and Efficient Operation

NuAire patented Hepex plenum and ultra-high efficiency DC ECM motor

NuAire's unique HEPEX™ Zero Leak Airflow system evenly disperses air across the supply filter, which minimizes vibration transfer, reduces noise, and eliminates potential leaks by surrounding the positive pressure plenum with negative pressure. Each NuAire Biological Safety Cabinet also comes equipped with a single, Ultra-High Efficiency DC ECM motor that reduces energy consumption and runs significantly quieter when compared with a standard DC motor. The HEPEX™ plenum, ultra-high efficiency motor, and NuAire's patented Attenumont™ support system significantly reduce vibration, relieving prolonged physical stress and stabilizing product workflow within your cabinet.

Custom Solutions and Standard Options for Extra Flexibility

NuAire products are built to optimize your unique application's working environment. We routinely reshape our cabinet's inner and outer dimensions to fit neatly within any space inside your lab. We often add computer arms, monitors, and microscope windows into our standard cabinets. Another common customization involves installing an IV bar and smooth interiors for efficient and easy-to-clean pharmacy compounding workflows. Regardless of what type of modification your lab and research may require, NuAire is capable of meeting any esoteric laboratory need and provides excellent troubleshooting support for years to come, ensuring your custom equipment continues to perform at peak levels for the entirety of its lifespan.

Ergonomics and Workflow Efficiency

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), ergonomic improvements in laboratory settings enhance worker comfort, increase productivity, and reduce the risk of workplace injuries. By integrating ergonomic design into our BSCs, NuAire ensures that laboratory personnel can maintain high levels of productivity without compromising safety. Proper ergonomic design helps reduce the incidence of repetitive strain injuries, which are common in laboratory settings where precision and repetitive movements are required.


Incorporating advanced ergonomic features into biosafety cabinets is not just about enhancing comfort; it's about ensuring laboratory personnel's safety, efficiency, and well-being. NuAire's commitment to ergonomic design in their BSCs demonstrates their dedication to providing top-tier laboratory equipment that meets the stringent needs of modern laboratories. Whether you want to reduce workplace injuries, increase productivity, or maintain the highest safety standards, NuAire's ergonomic BSCs offer a comprehensive solution.