Service Technical Bulletin

Biosafety Cabinet Preventative Maintenance

NSF/ANSI 49 Annex I.1.9 (formerly E.9) states, “The current lifespan of a BSC is approximately 15 years.” However, how a Biosafety Cabinet (BSC) is used will impact its lifespan. Does the BSC run 24/7, daily, or as needed? What type of facility or laboratory environment is it used in? What procedures or protocols are used within the BSC? What cleaning procedures and materials are used? These all have an impact on BSC lifespan. Because of the wide variance of answers to the questions above, NuAire recommends periodic Preventative Maintenance (PM) review of BSC mechanical, electrical, and safety systems to assure maximum product performance. Since BSC’s are certified at a minimum annually for critical performance per NSF/ANSI 49 Annex N.5 (formerly Annex F) and EN12469 Annex J, PM review can be accomplished of the certification process. Just as the certification process monitors and reports HEPA filter loading/life, review of mechanical, electrical, and safety systems can reduce the probability of part degradation before any breakdown or failure occurs.