White Paper

How Long do HEPA Filters Last

The life of a HEPA filter for a Biosafety Cabinet (BSC) is an important subject when considering the life cycle cost of any BSC. HEPA filter loading capacity has always been a major concern for the design and performance of a BSC. Not only in terms of replacement cost, but also laboratory safety through the replacement process, downtime, and associated costs. With the use of new energy efficient motor technologies expected HEPA filter loading capacity of BSC’s may be reduced but still meet the NSF/ANSI 49 requirements. This white paper provides a short explanation as to the requirements, what has changed, why it changed and what information is required from manufacturers to assure at a minimum the same HEPA filter loading capability. The energy savings obtained by using some of the new energy efficient motor designs of today may be offset by replacing the HEPA filters more often.

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