General Technical Bulletin

Use of the Anesthetic Gas Isoflurane with a Biosafety Cabinet

The use of anethetic gas, Isoflurane is common in vivariums todya. There are several manufactueres of anesthetic gas systems to both deliver and scavegne the gas for routine surgical procedures. However, if the surgical procedure requires a sterile or contained environment, the procedure will most likley be performanced within a biosafety cabinet (BSC). The use of a BSC for surgical procedures offers HEPA filtered air (99.99% efficient @ 0.3 microns) for sterility. The BSC also offers containment from particulate hazards (bacteria, viruses) and may also offer containment from the anesthic gas itself, depending upon the BSC type and configuration. If gas containment is to be achieved, the BSC must be exhausted either through a hard or canopy connection.