August Edition of the LPA Reporter

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  • FDA Seeks to Regulate Lab-Developed Tests
  • Innovative Scientists Update Old-School Pipetting With New-Age Technology
  • Laboratory Automation
  • Duke and LabCorp Turn Mill Town Into a Biobank Using Facebook's Business Model
  • Technology Translation Engine Launches 'Organs-on-Chips' Company
  • Berkshire Life Sciences Center Nabs $9.7M Grant
  • New Generation of Bio-Hackers Make DNA Misbehave
  • Cypher Genomics' Analytics Tech Gains Some Cred in Illumina Deal
  • Bubble Wrap Could Send Lab Costs Packing
  • GTCR Paying $480 Million for Local Lab Equipment Firm
  • Laboratory Equipment Supplier Adds Molding With Acquisition of Bel-Art
  • Funding Research Facilities
  • The Lab for These FDA Scientists Is a Computer Screen

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