Updated In-VitroCell CO2 Incubator software version 178-45.6

NuTouch Software Update NuTouch Software update version 178-45.6


NuAire In-VitroCell CO2 Incubators feature the the NuTouch Electronic Control System (ECS). NuTouch is a color touch screen LCD that controls chamber parameters. Updated software version 178-45.6 is now available for use. Software must be uploaded to your incubator using a flash drive via USB port located on the incubator. Please contact NuAire here or your local service technician to install updates. If you currently do not have a service technician you can utilized NuAire's sales/service finder here to locate an authorized individual.

You can read about current updates here. Please note you must be an authorized service technician to access the document. If you believe you are an authorized NuAire service provider and do not have access please request access here.