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AllerGard™ ES NU-S620M Innovive® Edition Animal Transfer Station for INNOCAGE® Mouse

The AllerGard™ NU-S620M Innovive Edition allows technicians to prepare the work zone with the Innovive disposable IVC caging system before procedural work to maximize workflow.This method allows for the ability to open, prepare, and maintain 25 irradiated INNOCAGE® under ISO Class 4 conditions to maintain sterility.

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Part #: NU-S620M


The AllerGard™ ES (Energy Saver) NU-S620M Innovive® Edition Animal Transfer Station for INNOCAGE® is a small animal cage changing station that offers HEPA filter airflow to guard the product within it. The NU-S620M  also provides personnel protection via a HEPA filter down draft vacuum on the work surface. This minimizes the amount of product, hair, danger and bedding to which lab can be exposed. While the Innovive Animal Transfer Station offers both product and personnel protection, it should not be used in place of a Class II, Type A2 Biological Safety cabinet, whose purpose is to serve as a containment device for airborne particles.

Designed for Ease of Use

Designed for Optimal Workflow

The Innovive animal transfer station was designed to make work-zone prep easy. The transfer station has a segmented work zone (clean and dirty) with deep wells, which makes reaching clean cages and collecting dirty cages easy. The animal transfer station also has hoppers on either side of it, where workers can stack feeders under sterile airflow until they are used. Finally, the animal transfer station also has a bottle holder. Water bottles can be pre-opened within the sterile work zone and placed on a rack until use.


Working in the lab can be tough on a body, and the NU-619 is designed with ergonomics in mind to reduce the risk of injuries in the workplace. The base of the animal transfer station has an auto-lift feature, which changes the work surface height from 32" (813 mm) to 44" (1,118 mm) with the touch of a button, and this makes it easy to use for technicians of all heights. The transfer stations 14" access opening allows you to fit cages easily inside and offers a wider range of motion.


The NU-S620M Innovive Animal Transfer Station has a base with plate casters so you can easily move it around the lab. It also can be lowered with an auto-lift and walked through doors and hallways so that you can transport it down hallways and into different moods.


For easy cleaning, the NU-S620M has a stainless steel prop-up work surface and a disposal chute. This allows you to clean easily under the work surface.

Safety Features

Zero Heat Build-Up

The NU-S620M is designed to have over 25 air changes a minute, which eliminates heat build-up in the work zone, and makes the environment more comfortable for both lab animals and technicians.

Push-Pull Airflow System

The NU-S620M has a HEPA filter, which helps protect the product and lab personnel. Air flows into the supply and then through the filter, then is pushed in a downward, vertical pattern into the work zone. Afterwards, air is pulled from the work surface grills through a four-stage exhaust pre-filter and HEPA exhaust filter and then returned to the lab. This push-pull airflow system ensures that the animal remains sterile in the work zone and that you are protected from allergens like dander and hair.

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