Employee Spotlight

Dan and Jennifer Fehlberg

Dan Fehlberg has been working for NuAire for 36 years, with 25 years as the lead production scheduler. His daughter Jennifer has been with the company for sixyears, working as a lead in the electricalsubassembly. Dan’s favorite NuAire memory was “when I confirmed my kids werenotkidding when they told me that NuAire was a question on Jeopardy.”Jennifer loves the people she works with, particularly having her best friend working right next to her. Dan appreciates knowing he makes a difference, resolving customer stumbling blocks. Both agreed that customers should choose NuAire because of its quality, describing the products as dependable, flexible, and long-lasting. Jennifer added that “many people areworkinghere that do their best to make quality products.”

Diane LaHoud

Diane LaHoud has been working with NuAire for 35 years, currently as a Project Sales Manager. She has a loving husband, two grown twin sons, and one granddaughter. Diane started at NuAire during the company’s infancy, when it was just the founder Max Peters, his wife Myrt, their two sons Jim and Dick, along with a handful of office staff. She said that closeness and “team spirit” has been maintained throughout the years at NuAire. Her favorite memory of NuAire has been co-workers who throughout the years have made her laugh and put a smile on her face. Diane said that customers should choose NuAire because it “has the most responsive employees and sales representatives,” and that the responsive spirit of listening to the customers sets NuAire apart from the competition. Her years of experience help her knowledgeablyassist customers, whose projects she attentively handles from beginning to end.

Lonnie and Joe Bartee

Joe and Lonnie Barteeare both long-termNuAire employees, Lonnie with over 25 years’ experience as a replacement parts specialist, and Joe with over 19 years providing technical support. The pair has a wonderful daughter and son-in-law and a grandson. Lonnie’s favorite part of working for NuAire is the family atmosphere. Both believe NuAire’s commitment to establishing long-termrelationships with each customer sets the company apart, and enjoy working with directly with customers to solve problems and provide knowledgeable support. Lonnie appreciates NuAire’s “old school commitment” to take care of each customer. She thinks customers should choose NuAire because they are willing to “listen and adapt products to improve ergonomics, and have always been committed to producing high-qualityproducts.”Joe views NuAire as “the whole package. NuAire as a company has an awareness which is unusual these days”. Customers should choose NuAire because “not only do they purchase a piece of equipment but along with that, continued support [including] the accumulated and vast knowledge that our staff can bring to bear to help our valued customers.”The Bartees’ genuine care and compassion, combined with their years of experience help make NuAire’s customer service team a knowledgeable, reliable support network that provides friendly, dedicated solutions to each customer throughout the life of their product.

Steve Winget

Steve Winget has been with NuAire for tenyears in the technical service department, currently as the tech service manager. He has a fiancé, two grown daughters, and one young grandson. His favorite part of working with NuAire is “the people that are now in my life because of NuAire.”Steve feels that NuAire is “a company that cares about its employees,” and that sentiment carries forward to each customer. “NuAire wants the best for its customers, treating them as they would their own family, constantly striving for customer satisfaction on all levels.”Steve’s commitment and dedication are reflectedthroughout the technical service department, where there’s a genuine desire to make sure each customer feels taken care of.

Roxanne Marks

Roxanne Marks has been working in the parts department and incubator subassembly with NuAire for 26 years. She has twodaughters, fourgrandchildren, and her husband Kurt is a leadin fabrication at NuAire as well. Her oldest daughter met her future husband at an annual employee event, and they now have threebeautiful children of their own. She loves working at NuAire because “my co-workers are a lot like family. I have become close to many of them... moreover,we truly care about each other”. She believes that what sets NuAire apart is the unique balance where“wearestill small enough to be ‘in touch’ with our employees, but big enough to handle our customers’ needs.”As many before, Roxanne reiterated that NuAire continually commitsto improving ourproducts to satisfy our customers better. Roxanne’s dedication and hard work help make each piece of NuAire equipment a long-lasting, quality pieceof your laboratory.

The Willers

While there are many families that workfor NuAire, The Willer family is among the largest, with eightmembers working in various departments. Rachel Loehrs and her husband Chuck have both been with NuAire for about 20 years, Chuck in receiving,andRachel as a lead in assembly. Rachel’s mom Cindy has worked for NuAire for tenyears in thefilter departmentand assisting on various assembly lines. Rachel’s sister Kristy Willer has been working with NuAire for a year and a half on Rachel’s line. Her step-sister Hanna and her fiancée, as well as Kristy’s daughter Amy, and their cousin Stephanie all work for NuAireas well. Most said their favorite memories involveeveryone getting together at annual employee functions, which double as family gatherings for this group. Cindy said she loves getting to see her family every day at work, and believes customers should choose NuAire of their quality, saying “We take pride in what we do.”Kristy echoed her mom’s sentiment, summing up NuAire as “great people, great work, and perfect cabinets.”Rachel said she loves building the cabinets, mentioning that NuAire offers customers “good quality cabinets with a lot of options and models to choose from.”The Willers illustrate NuAire as a family owned business of families; hardworking men and women who take pride in their craftand enjoy building the products that will help our customers succeed.


NuAire is not just a family owned business;it is also a business that families choose to work for. Employees not only enjoy working for NuAire, but recommend positions to siblings, children, and close friends. The type of company that takes pride not only in the products themselvesbut in each person who helps make those products possible, from design, through manufacturing and sales. Purchasing NuAire equipment not only guarantees your lab a durable, dependabletool built by people who take pride in their workbut provides an opportunity to join the NuAire family, who will work their utmost to support you and your lab throughout the life of your product.

Other Responses

Describe a favorite memory from at work or a company event:

  • “The day I met my future wife at Nuaire, 21 years ago.” Joe Bartee, Technical Support
  • “That may be when I confirmed my kids weren’t kidding when they told me that NuAire was a question on Jeopardy. A question the great Ken Jennings missed.” Dan Fehlberg, Production Scheduling

Favorite part of working at NuAire:

  • “Definitely my co-workers... They make work feel like family” –Holly Milless, Contract Sales
  • “The people. NuAire has many long-time employees and it feels like a big family” –Debi Sylvester, Accounts Payable
  • "From the time I first started working here when it was just Max, Mryt, Dick and Jim Peters and 3 to 4 other office staff. They made me feel like I was part of the team! NuAire has maintained the Team Spirit through out the years.” Diane LaHoud, Project Sales
  • "The people that are now in my life because of Nuaire. It opened several windows to so many people that work here, Sales Reps, Intentional Community, Service Groups, and Customers. Who knew that one man’s vision (Max) had such a rippling effect on so many lives!” Stephen Winget, Service Manager

What sets NuAire Apart:

  • “It’s loyalty and work environment” -Dhaneshwar Balgobin, Incubator Assembly
  • “The people. I have a great team working with me” –Tracy Hein, Product Testing Lead
  • “Dependability, Flexibility and customer service. An example is 4 years ago my cousin (who knew I worked for NuAire) sent me a picture of a lab he renovating. The lab had many fully functioning NuAire clean air benches that were designed and built by Max and Jim Peters back in the mid-1970’s. At the time they were 40 years old.” –Dan Fehlberg, Production Scheduling
  • “It’snot bound or restricted in its visions of developing new products or ideas” –Paul Lopez, Engineering Design Drafter

Why customers should choose NuAire:

  • “We take a lot ofpride in the quality of our workmanship” -Alma Tamayo-Moran, Electrical Assembly
  • “We sell the best products andwe do it right!” Andrew Roy, Assembly
  • “NuAire’s name is synonymous with quality. The quality of work put into each and everypiece of equipment is truly incredible” –Holly Milless, Contract Sales
  • “They would be buying a quality product made by Americans for Americans” –Bill Triplett, Purchasing
  • “High-qualityproducts made by high-qualityemployees –employees who care about and take pride in their work” –Debi Sylvester, Accounts Payable
  • “The value in lifetimeoperational expenses. It is not always the purchased price one needs to calculate, but the expected cost over the life of the product. NuAire strives to design around the life of the product as well as performanceright out of the box” –Dan Fehlberg, Production Scheduling
  • “NuAire produces a quality product designed and tailored to customer requests... built by employees proud to support the company” –Paul Lopez, Engineering Design Drafter