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himac CP90WX Ultracentrifuge

The Himac CP90WX offers speeds up to 90,000 rpm (700,000 xg) in a floor model design to meet your application needs.

Part #: HK-CP90WX


The himac CP90WX Ultracentrifuge is a user-friendly, high-performance ultra refrigerated centrifuge intended for use in the biology, biochemistry, and nano-material fields. The centrifuge is easy to use with LCD touch screen controls and automatic rotor-life management. It also has the highest performance in its class, at 90,000 RPM. The Himac CP90WX is environmentally friendly and efficient, and it makes a separation in the lab easier and stronger than ever before.

Technology for Convenience

Rotor Life Management

The himac CP90WX was designed to be easy for you to use. The centrifuge has rotor life management, which records and stores the operational records of each rotor. The rotors' memory systems are read using a sensor within the centrifuge, which means that technicians do not need to manually log any entries.

Touchscreen Controls

To control the centrifuge, you can use the electronic touchscreen control system. The system has an LCD screen, which makes it easy to see, and it also gives gentle click feedback when buttons are pressed, so you can make sure they have entered the correct information. The control system also allows users to enter names and IDs, ensuring that only the right people have access to the equipment.

Self Locking Rotors

For convenience and ease of use, this centrifuge has self-locking rotors. This means that you can install rotors into place with only the use of their hands. The centrifugal force of the machine locks the rotors into place. The rotors can also be removed with only the use of your hands, so no tools are necessary to operate the centrifuge.

Protection Features

Imbalance Detection

There is an imbalance system in the CP90WX, which includes non-contact sensors that monitor the rotor and drive shaft. When the detection system detects significant vibrations, it will stop the centrifuge from working, ensuring that your product is properly protected.

Drive Unit Warranty

The drive unit on the CP90WX is highly efficient and compact. It can reach a maximum acceleration of 90,000 rpm in five minutes. This drive unit within the centrifuge is under warranty for ten years, which means it can be replaced if it breaks or malfunctions.

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