Water Jacket CO2 Incubator

Water Jacket | 160-Liter Capacity | Oxygen Suppression | Humidity Monitor

The In-VitroCell NU-8645 CO2 Incubator uses a water jacket to control and maintain the temperature in the growth chamber. In addition, model NU-8645 features an oxygen suppression system to control O2 levels between 0.5 to 21 percent for mammalian tissue culture research. The NU-8645 uses a water pan and convection to generate up to 95% humidity levels. Monitor relative humidity in the chamber through an RH sensor and display the percentage on the incubator touchscreen controls. In-VitroCell NU-8645 provides uniform and stable growth conditions for cell culture research.

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Model NU-8645 is available in two electrical configurations.






Quick Specs

CO2 Accuracy ± 0.1%
CO2 Recovery Up to 5% ± 0.2% / -0.5 in 5 minutes Average
Control System NuTouch
Temperature Accuracy °C ± 0.1%
Temperature Control Water Jacket
Temperature Recovery 0.12°C/min. on Average
Temperature Uniformity °C ± 0.20°C @ 37°C
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CO2 Incubator Water Jacket Temperature Control

Precise Uniformity

Water Jacket Temperature Control

In-VitroCell Water Jacket CO2 Incubators maintain accurate temperature with the large 18 gallons (68.1-liter) water jacket that surrounds the inner chamber. Heated water in this jacket circulates around the growth chamber, keeping the temperature uniform within the growth chamber ±0.2°C. Precise temperature control is aided by the R5 insulation that lines the outer chamber walls that minimize heat loss.

The door and perimeter heaters are microprocessor-controlled to adjust to the room's ambient temperature. They can also be adjusted manually from ±20 percent to reduce condensation within the growth chamber.

CO2 Incubator Coved Interior Corners

Easy to Clean, Minimize Contamination Risks

Coved Interior Corners

NuAire CO2 incubators are designed to minimize potential hiding places for contamination. Coved corners and a crevice-free interior, which makes it easy to clean.

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  • 3 Years Parts & Labor, IR Sensor 5 Years Parts Only (United States and Canada)
  • Consult Local Distributor (Global)

Standard Features

    Est. Shipping Width Inches (mm) 31 (787)
    Est. Shipping Height Inches (mm) 49 (1245)
    Est. Shipping Depth Inches (mm) 33 (838)
    Access Port Location Right Side
    Chamber Air Circulation Method Air Pump
    Chamber Air Filter 99.97% Efficiency @ ≥ 0.3 Micron Capsule Filter Located in Sensor Bay
    Chamber Heater(s) Location Bottom of Chamber
    Chamber Jacket Technology Water Jacket, 18 Gallon (68-Liter)
    CO2 Accuracy ± 0.1%
    CO2 Control Logic Fixed Algorithm/Manual, Environmental Adaptable
    CO2 Display Resolution 0.1%
    CO2 Range 0.1 to 20%, 5% Default Set Point
    CO2 Recovery Up to 5% ± 0.2% / -0.5 in 5 minutes Average
    CO2 Sensor Type Infrared (NDIR)
    Control System NuTouch
    Data Output Features RS-485, USB, 4-20mA
    Door and Perimeter Heater Control Logic Base Duty Cycle set to chamber temperature Set-Point, Proportional 0-100% [manually adjustable
    Electrical Configuration 115V50Hz, 230V5060Hz
    Exterior Depth Inches (mm) 27 (685)
    Exterior Door Seal Magnetic Outer Door Gasket
    Exterior Height Inches (mm) 37.75 (958)
    Exterior Material 16 Gauge Steel with Textured Polyurethane Finish
    Exterior Width Inches (mm) 25.625 (649)
    Footprint Depth inches (mm) 17.5 (445)
    Footprint Width inches (mm) 22 (557)
    In-line Gas Filters 99.97% Efficiency @ ≥ 0.3 Micron Disk Filters for Gas & Air Supplies, Disk Filter for CO2 Sensor
    Segmented Doors Optional Set of 4 Inner Doors
    Inner Doors One Standard, Sectional optional
    Insulation Insulation with R5.0 Rating
    Interior Depth Inches (mm) 20.625 (524)
    Interior Door Seal Silicone Rubber Gasket
    Interior Height Inches (mm) 24 (611)
    Interior Material Polished Type 304L 16 Gauge Stainless Steel
    Interior Volume Cubic Feet (Liters) 5.65 (160)
    Interior Width Inches (mm) 20.375 (518)
    Net Weight lbs (kg) 403 (183) includes full water jacket and shelves
    O2 Accuracy ± 0.25%
    O2 Control Logic Fixed algorithm/ manual environmental adaptable
    O2 Display Resolution 0.1%
    O2 Measuring Range 0 - 25%
    O2 Set Point Range 0.5 -21.0% (ambient) (21.0% Default)
    O2 Recovery 5.0 ± 0.5% twenty minutes on Average
    O2 Sensor Type Zirconia Ceramic
    Power Cord Length Foot (Meter) 8 (2.5)
    Remote Alarm Terminals Standard
    RH Accuracy Not available
    RH Control Method
    RH Control Logic
    RH Control Range
    RH Display Resolution
    RH Evaporator Box Capacity
    RH Recovery
    RH Sensor Type
    RH Water Pan Capacity 2L (Recommended Fill 1.5L)
    Sample Port Location Inner Glass Door
    Shelf Capacity lbs (kg) 25 lbs per Shelf / 125 lbs per Incubator
    Shelf Depth Inches (mm) 18 3/4 (476)
    Shelf Material Stainless Steel or Copper Alloy
    Shelf Width Inches (mm) 18 (457)
    Shelves 4 Shelves Supplied, 16 Shelves Maximum Capacity
    Est. Shipping Weight lbs (kg) 370 (168)
    Decontamination Cycle Not Avaiable
    Temperature Accuracy °C ± 0.1%
    Temperature Control Water Jacket
    Temperature Control Range 5°C above ambient (to a 30°C max ambient) to 55°C
    Temperature Display Resolution 0.1°C
    Temperature Recovery 0.12°C/min. on Average
    Temperature Sensor Type Precision Integrated Circuit
    Temperature Set-Point Range 5°C to 55°C (37.0°C Default)
    Temperature Uniformity °C ± 0.20°C @ 37°C
    Water Pan Depth 1.5 (38)
    Water Pan Length Inches (mm) 12 (305)
    Water Pan Width 10 (254)

    NuAire Accessories

    Please keep in mind parts and accessories are product and size specific, contact your sales representative for any clarity to your size questions.
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