In-VitroCell CO2 Incubator Closed Loop HEPA Filtration

This video explains how closed-loop HEPA filtration works in a NuAire CO2 Incubator to provide ideal conditions for cell growth while minimizing contaminants that can damage cell lines. The incubator operates under positive pressure while filtering air and gases to produce an environment similar to an ISO Class 5 cleanroom. When the doors are closed, the continuously operating air pump draws an environmental sample from the chamber, circulates it through service-friendly, externally mounted HEPA filters, and uses a microprocessor-based, non-dispersive infrared sensor to measure CO2 volume. If readings are below the set point, the system injects CO2 through 99.99% efficient HEPA filters before entering the chamber. In addition, NuAire offers dual-heat sterilization cycles, 95 degree Celsius humidified or 145 degree Celsius dry cycle, which can run overnight, minimizing downtime and making it the perfect fit for the fight against contamination.

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