The difference between animal transfer stations and biosafety cabinets white paper

White Paper

Animal Transfer Stations vs Biosafety Cabinets

This white paper discusses the importance of safety in the vivarium and the use of engineering controls, administrative controls, and personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect personnel and animals. The primary engineering controls are Animal Transfer Stations (ATS) and Animal Handling Biological Safety Cabinets (AH BSCs). The white paper outlines the differences between the two, such as their construction, operational technique, and intended uses. An AH BSC provides a high level of biocontainment and is designed for injecting, manipulating, or examining animals. An ATS is designed for transferring animals between cages and does not ensure protection against infectious agents. The paper provides in-depth information about ATSs and AH BSCs and why it is important to understand their differences. Download the white paper to learn more about ensuring safety in the vivarium.