Class II Biosafety Cabinet Side to Side Placement

White Paper

Class II Biosafety Cabinet Side to Side Placement

The white paper "Evaluation of Class II Biological Safety Cabinet Side-to-Side Placement in Laboratories" offers crucial guidance on the optimal placement of Biological Safety Cabinets (BSCs) in laboratory settings. Authored by Bill Peters, Dan Hillman, and Ron Trower, this paper delves into how the airflow dynamics of BSCs, particularly at the work access opening, can be influenced by laboratory environmental factors such as HVAC systems and personnel movement.

The document thoroughly analyzes the effects of placing BSCs side by side or adjacent to each other, referencing guidelines from reputable sources, including NSF/ANSI 49 and the CDC/NIH. The findings are based on comprehensive testing, including bacterial aerosol challenge tests, to ensure that cabinet placement does not compromise containment performance.

Key recommendations include maintaining a minimum clearance between BSCs to facilitate optimal airflow and containment performance. This paper also highlights the importance of considering factors such as airflow velocities and laboratory traffic patterns when determining BSC placement.

This white paper is an invaluable resource for laboratory designers, architects, and safety officers, offering practical insights and evidence-based guidelines to ensure BSCs function effectively and safely. By following the recommendations outlined, laboratories can maintain high biosafety and operational efficiency standards.