Set Date & Time Parameters for Data Logging on Your Blizzard Ultralow Freezer

Learn how to set the date and time parameters for the time stamp required for data logging on your Blizzard Ultralow Freezer with our easy-to-follow video tutorial. The video will guide you through adjusting the following parameters: 1P – Years, 2P – Months, 3P – Days, 4P – Hours, and 5P – Minutes. Press the arrow to enter the security code (Note: Default Security Code is 6) and unlock the freezer. Press and hold the set button for 5 seconds until the Locked indicator light turns off. Access the time stamp settings by pressing and holding the down arrow button for 3 seconds until the display shows 1P. Scroll through the parameters using the arrow keys and press the set button to change the selected parameter. Adjust the parameter with the arrow keys, press set again to save changes, and move on to the following parameter. Press and hold the set button for 5 seconds to save all changes. The control panel will resume displaying the temperature and automatically relock, as indicated by the illuminated Locked indicator light.