Animal Laboratory

Animal laboratories are research facilities in which scientists conduct research on animals in order to make discoveries about both human and animal health. Labs can house a wide range of animals for research, including mice, rats, rabbits, primates, dogs, and more. Laboratory animals at the lab are kept inside a vivarium, which is a controlled environment that is intended for housing and raising live creatures for observation and research. Animal laboratories exist both for the purposes of conducting animal research and as a place to breed new animals to be used in future laboratory testing.

Testing in animal labs has benefited the public in a myriad of ways. Animals in labs are commonly used to test the effectiveness of medicines, health treatments, medical devices and vaccines for both humans and animals. They are also regularly used to test out the health and environmental safety of products commonly used in daily life. These products can include cosmetics, cleaning products, agricultural sprays, food additives and more.

Animal laboratories are staffed by scientists with high-level research degrees -- they are in charge of conducting the experiments with lab animals. The scientists are assisted by animal lab technicians who have experience handling lab equipment and maintaining the lab properly. In animal labs, there is also a dedicated staff charged with taking care of lab animals promoting health and welfare. This staff can include veterinarians, who are responsible for overseeing the animals' health and well-being; veterinary assistants, who assist veterinarians; and animal care technicians, who oversee and maintain the equipment directly related to animal care.

If you work in an animal laboratory, NuAire has a selection of products that can help make your lab safer, cleaner, and more effective while supporting the welfare of your animals. Our animal transfer stations use HEPA filtered airflow for product protection and allergen protection, and they create a vacuum air barrier between the user and the work zone in order to minimize the potential exposure to animal hair, dander or cage bedding material. You can also use NuAire's Bedding Disposal stations to safely and efficiently dispose of animal cage waste with no risk of exposure to odors, aerosols or lab animal dander. NuAire also has animal biosafety cabinets, procedural biosafety cabinets, isolation cabinets and laminar airflow workstations for use in animal labs.

Every NuAire Animal Laboratory Product can be configured to meet your workflow offering improved productivity while maintaining long lasting safety.