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Blizzard HC VIP NU-99578J 20.4 cu. ft. (578 L) -86°C Ultralow Freezer

Blizzard HC VIP model NU-99578J is a -86°C Ultralow Temperature Freezer (ULT) that provides 20.4 cubic feet (578-Liter) of usable storage space for research samples.

  • Capacity: 20.4 cu. ft. (578-Liter)

  • Rack Capacity: 16

  • 2-inch Box Capacity: 400

UL Canada United States Listing   CE Mark

Part #: NU-99578J


Blizzard™ HC VIP Ultralow Temperature Freezers (ULT) provide stable storage conditions for your samples and offer advanced features at an affordable price. Vacuum Insulated Panels (VIP) surround the storage chamber to provide greater temperature uniformity and maximize storage space. Environmentally-friendly refrigerants (Hydrocarbon) has low emission while improving performance. Blizzard™ Ultralow Temperature Freezers are the safer choice for your storage needs.

Engineered for Optimal Performance

Ultra-High Efficiency Refrigerants

The HC in Blizzard HC stands for Hydrocarbon. Hydrocarbon refrigerants are non-toxic and non-ozone depleting making it the most environmentally friendly refrigerant in a ULT. Hydrocarbon refrigerants reduce your total cost of ownership by reducing energy consumption up to 60% when compared to existing HFC refrigerant technology. HC refrigerants are easy on compressors extending life and performance.

Consistent Performance

Power Factor Control (PFC) monitors, compensate and protects against facility line voltage variations always providing constant power to the ULT maintaining temperature uniformity.

Reduce Frost

A multi-point gasket system ensures a tight seal every door opening minimizing potential frost build up areas. Insulated and gasketed inner doors add a layer of security working towards separating the storage from the laboratory environment.

Backup System

A battery backup system comes standard on all Blizzard Freezers providing up to 72 hours of power to electronics and alarm systems in the event of a power failure. Combined with an optional CO2, LN2 or any backup system to make the perfect pair.

Designed for Maximum Storage

Maximum Storage in a Small Footprint

Premium Vacuum Insulated Panels (VIP) surround the storage chamber shrinking inner wall dimensions and increasing storage space. The Premium VIP process removes unwanted air from within the foaming agent improving temperature uniformity.

Flexibility for Racking Solutions

Three adjustable internal shelf locations for a total of four shelves provide flexibility in rack configurations.

Constructed for Ease of Use and Maintenance

Easy to Open

Outer and inner door claw latches are easy to open while creating a tight seal. An internal pressure equalization port is heated with a spring assisted mechanism to prevent icing, allowing the freezer door to be opened shortly after adding research samples.

Easy to Operate

The Essentials Electronic Control System (ECS) is easy to read and operate.

Easy to Maintain

The Essentials ECS provides an enhanced layout offering status notification of the freezer’s operating condition as well as working alarm conditions through visual LED lights and audible alarms when necessary.

Blizzard Ultralow Freezers come standard with a USB port to download performance history. Two sample ports are available on the back of the freezer allowing access to third-party monitoring sensors. Alternatively, a circular chart recorder can easily be installed on the front of the freezer.

Front filter access allows for quick cleaning maintenance of the pre-filter and condenser.

Blizzard ULTs offers removable inner doors to assist with routine frost removal making it easier to get every nook and cranny.


3 Year Parts and Labor Warranty (United States and Canada)

4 Year Parts Warranty (Worldwide)

Standard Features

  • Balanced cascade refrigeration system
  • Microprocessor control system
  • USB data logging port
  • Ambient temperature display
  • Multi-check alarm system w/ ring back
  • Self-check diagnostic system
  • Line voltage display
  • Auto line voltage compensation
  • Compressor delay protection
  • Low voltage booster
  • High voltage protection
  • Noise level ≤ 50dba
  • Vacuum insulated non-CFC polyurethane foam insulation
  • 4 inner shelves (3 adjustable/1 fixed)
  • 4 insulated sealed inner doors w/ claw latch
  • Multi-point gasket system
  • Heavy duty outer door claw latch
  • External door lock
  • Pressure equalization port
  • Battery backup (Up to 72-hour life)
  • 2 Accessory Ports (Back Wall, Top, and Bottom)
  • Quantity 4 Casters
  • Quantity 4 Leg Leveling Feet
  • Defrost scraper (Qty 1)

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