Compounding Pharmacy

Many people today depend on medications to stay alive and well. However, some patients don't simply rely one or two individual prescribed medications, but instead, need a combination of multiple medications in order to maintain their health. Compounding pharmacies exist to combine multiple drugs into one effective medication, which is chemically mixed to the exact strength and dosage required.

At compounding pharmacies, specially trained pharmacists can personalize medicines for a variety of specifications. Some ways in which pharmacists may alter medications include by strength, form of dosage (e.g. liquid vs. tablet) or flavor. Also, compounding pharmacies are able to remove ingredients from medications that patients must avoid due to allergies or other sensitivities.

Millions of patients across the world have been able to take advantage of the services of compounding pharmacies in order to receive drugs that are perfectly tailored to their health needs. Not only does compounding make managing medication simpler, but it also can make medicine allergy friendly or easier to consume. Pharmacists who specialize in compounding can also be beneficial to people who suffer from unusual or drug-resistant illnesses. They can analyze a person's medical needs and history to devise a completely unique and personalized treatment plan.

Compounding pharmacies can exist in a range of different locales and formats. Licensed pharmacists can compound drugs at a traditional pharmacy. Alternatively, licensed physicians can compound drugs themselves. Finally, the compounding process may be outsourced to a specialized facility that focuses on pharmaceutical compounding. At these facilities, licensed pharmacists or employees who are supervised by licensed pharmacists compound drugs.

To help you with the compounding process, NuAire has created a range of pharmacy equipment that meets the U.S. Pharmacopeia's <797> standard for compounding sterile preparations and U.S. Pharmacopeia's <800> standard Hazardous Drugs—Handling in Healthcare Settings. You can rely on NuAire's powder weight stations to accurately and safely weigh powders and particles, even if they are hazardous. You can use Nuaire's primary engineering controls: a compounding aseptic isolator (CAI), which provides a sterile, positive pressure work environment for compounding non-hazardous drugs, or a compounding aseptic containment isolator (CACI), which provides as a sterile, negative pressure work environment that minimizes exposure to airborne toxins and other hazardous materials. NuAire also has biosafety cabinets (BSC), laminar airflow workstations (LAFW), containment ventilated enclosures (CVE), and custom robotic enclosures for use in a compounding pharmacy.

Ensure your pharmacy's 797 and 800 compliance with NuAire airflow products providing sterile, non-sterile, hazardous, and non-hazardous environments for drug compounding.