Drug Discovery

Drug discovery -- the process through which new medicines are discovered, designed or identified -- is one of the most important industries benefiting human health today. In a drug discovery laboratory, scientists use a variety of technologies to work at the molecular level and develop effective medical treatments for diseases or clinical conditions that don't currently have any suitable treatment. The process of drug discovery incorporates a wide variety of scientific fields: biology, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology and more.

The scientific advancements made by researchers in drug discovery labs have helped save countless lives worldwide. Researchers in the drug discovery process have been able to develop cures for diseases and conditions that were once fatal or catastrophic to humans. Drug researchers have also been able to help the public better understand diseases by identifying the cause of many medical conditions, which were previously unknown or misunderstood. The drug discovery industry has also benefited the public by honing and improving existing medications to make them more effective, with fewer dangerous or unpleasant side effects.

Like most labs, drug discovery labs have a manager who is in charge of overseeing both the scientific research that goes on and the logistical functions of the lab. Lab managers hire lab staff, reorder supplies and create lab schedules. Specialized researchers with high-level science degrees conduct research inside drug discovery labs. Many drug discovery labs also employ medical doctors (MDs), who have expert knowledge of biology, anatomy, physiology, immunology and disease. In addition to managers and researchers, drug discovery labs utilize administrative assistants and technicians to handle the maintenance and day-to-day operations of the lab and its staff.

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