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himac CS150FNX Floor Standing Micro Ultracentrifuge

The Himaci Floor Standing Micro Ultracentrifuge provides users the optimum working height to access samples and enter protocol information via touch screen when separating proteins, lipoproteins, cell organelle, DNA, RNA, viruses, carbon nanotubes, nano-particles, and more.

Part #: HK-CS150FNX


The himac CS150FNX Floor Standing Micro Ultracentrifuge is a floor-standing microfuge that uses state-of-the-art himac technology. Labs can use the centrifuge to efficiently separate protein, lipoprotein, cell organelles, DNA, RNA and carbon nanotubes. With a quiet operating sound of 45 dbA, the micro ultracentrifuge offers robust imbalance protection and stress-free operation to make the separation and purification process as easy as possible.

Ease of Use

Touchscreen Controls

The himac CS150FNX Floor Standing Micro Ultracentrifuge offers touchscreen controls to make using the equipment as simple as possible. The touchscreen controls are on an LCD screen with graphic user interface icons. The brightly colored icons are located on a black background, which makes them easy to see. The controls also offer universal icons and text, so they are easily understood by anyone working in the lab. One of the best parts of the touchscreen controls is that the operation status remains visible on the touchscreen while the centrifuge is in use.

Self-Locking Rotors

It is important for a rotor to be locked in place in a micro ultracentrifuge. In this model, the rotor is self-locking, which means you can put it on the drive shaft, and it will automatically be locked in place when the operation starts. This makes assembling the ultracentrifuge easier for lab workers since there is no extra step or tool needed to install the rotor.

Quiet Operation

Micro ultracentrifuges can be loud. Luckily, because of its sound absorbing design, this version has a quiet operation of 45 dbA, which means it is not unpleasant to be around for people who are working near it.


Reliable Motor and Drive Unit

The micro ultracentrifuge has an extremely reliable motor. It only takes around 90 seconds for the motor to reach its maximum speed of 150,000 rpm (1,050,000 xg). The centrifuge's drive unit comes with a five-year warranty, guaranteeing that it will work that long - or be replaced.

Imbalance Protection

Balance is essential when using an ultracentrifuge. In this Hitachi Koki centrifuge, samples only need to be balanced within 5mm, via a visual check only. While the machine is operating, the imbalance protection system can detect abnormal vibrations within the centrifuge, and then immediately shut off operations. The imbalance protection sensor is a non-contact sensor.

Maximum Speed

The Hitachi Koki himac CS150FNX Floor Standing Micro Ultracentrifuge offers the world's fastest speed and greatest RCF for micro ultracentrifuges. The device's state-of-the-art technology allows it to reach 150,000 rpm/1,050,000 xg.

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