AllerGard ES NU-621 Single-Sided Animal Transfer Station

The AllerGard NU-621 single-sided animal transfer station provides the perfect environment for medical veterinary directors and vivarium facility managers looking for an ergonomic ATS solution. The NU-621 offers allergen protection through an air barrier at the front access opening of the workstation for efficiently changing mouse and rat cages in a clean environment.


The AllerGard NU-621 Single-Sided Animal Transfer Station is engineered for unparalleled safety and efficiency in vivarium settings, featuring a robust air barrier and HEPA-filtered airflow designed to protect both animals and technicians. A dynamic air barrier of 75 fpm at the front and a laminar downflow of 60 fpm ensure a clean, controlled environment for sensitive cage-changing procedures. Available in three sizes, the NU-621 accommodates various laboratory spaces and workflows. Its motorized base adjusts to different user heights, promoting ergonomic operation. Ideal for veterinary and vivarium managers seeking to enhance cage change protocols while significantly reducing allergen exposure, the NU-621 stands out as a superior choice for maintaining high animal care and operator safety standards.

Enhanced Safety with Stronger Air Barrier

The AllerGard NU-621 Single-Sided Animal Transfer Station stands at the forefront of vivarium safety, offering technicians unparalleled protection during crucial cage-changing procedures. Its sophisticated airflow mechanism, boasting a 75 fpm (0.38 m/s) inflow, establishes a strong air barrier for improved allergen protection. This design adeptly reduces the potential for allergens to enter the lab environment, especially during movements that disrupt the air. By creating a more substantial vacuum effect, the NU-621 efficiently minimizes allergen spread, providing a safer workspace while maintaining the integrity of sensitive animals. This station represents ergonomic innovation at its best, prioritizing the health and safety of both staff and research animals.

Ensuring Animal Sterility with Clean Airflow

Discover the benefits of advanced laminar airflow technology designed to protect the sterility of laboratory animals, ensuring a contamination-free workspace. This single-sided animal transfer station is vital in minimizing cross-contamination risks, offering a clean air environment crucial for maintaining the integrity of research animals. Tailored for vivariums prioritizing animal welfare, it epitomizes efficiency and safety, making it indispensable for sustaining optimal clean air conditions.

Optimal Comfort for Lab Animals

Designed with the well-being of laboratory animals in mind, the AllerGard NU-621 ATS creates an ergonomic environment that significantly reduces stress for mice and rats. Equipped with cool white lighting, it offers a calm atmosphere, and the option to add red light caters to the specific needs of your laboratory animals, further minimizing anxiety. Moreover, its low vibration and noise design ensures a tranquil environment, promoting the health and comfort of animals during cage transfers. This focus on creating a stress-free setting benefits the animals and enhances the reliability of research outcomes by maintaining the natural behavior of specimens.

Customize Workflow with Flexible Workspace Setup

Adapt and optimize your laboratory's workflow with a workspace that can be fully configured to meet your specific needs. This single-sided station offers unmatched flexibility, allowing you to arrange and accessorize based on your daily operations. Every feature is designed with efficiency in mind, from easily movable casters and ergonomic push/pull bars to an adjustable base stand that caters to all technician heights. Additional options like a magnifying glass for detailed work, side shelves for organized storage, and mounted hand sanitizer promote a seamless, clean environment. Customize your setup to streamline procedures, enhance accuracy, and support animal welfare effortlessly.

Streamline Cleaning, Extend Filter Life

Elevate lab cleanliness with a design focused on easy maintenance and longevity. The innovative prop-up work tray allows for thorough cleaning under the work surface. Coupled with a sophisticated pre-filtration system, it effectively traps larger particles such as bedding and hair, extending the life of both Supply and Exhaust HEPA filters. These features ensure a consistently clean environment, which is vital for research accuracy and laboratory animals' well-being while optimizing operational efficiency and reducing maintenance costs over time.
AllerGard NU-621 Animal Transfer Station


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