Custom Products

NuAire is proud to be able to offer product customization for those with specific needs outside the scope of the standard product lines. If you’re interested in modifying a cabinet to better meet the needs of your facility or research, this page will help you understand what to expect from the experience and what type of custom work NuAire has done over the years. Hear from satisfied customers who have worked with NuAire’s team of dedicated engineers and sales associates to create unique, tailored equipment.

What to Expect From Your Custom NuAire Experience

Custom Laboratory Equipment ManagerIf your research or procedures require equipment outside the scope of NuAire’s standard products, contact the custom sales department. Even if you’re unsure of exactly what you will need, Kay Templin, NuAire’s custom sales specialist, will work with you to determine how best to meet requirements designated by safety officers, your research procedure, and/or physical laboratory space. This can be anything from adding additional equipment into the cabinet to altering the size or shape of the cabinet to best suit your lab and research. With over twenty years of experience, Kay works directly with you and the engineering custom project manager throughout the design process to tailor equipment to your specifications without compromising the outstanding performance and capabilities customers have come to expect from NuAire equipment. Production begins after you approve the finalized design. The cabinet is built and tested to the same rigorous standards as NuAire’s standard products then shipped, installed, and certified on-site by a NuAire qualified technician.

  • Custom Sales reviews your facility requirements, safety needs, and research procedures to determine which piece of equipment and appropriate modifications will best suit your needs.
  • Custom Sales develops a personalized quote.
  • Once the order is placed, Kay works with you and the engineering project manager to finalize the design to your satisfaction.
  • The cabinet is manufactured per your specifications.
  • The unit is rigorously tested to meet and exceed all applicable standards.
  • The unit is carefully packed and shipped to your facility.
  • Your new equipment is meticulously installed and certified by a technician qualified by NuAire.

Kay Templin has over twenty years of experience working directly with customers to customize NuAire equipment to meet the unique needs of specific facilities and research projects. Her knowledge, experience, and professional expertize allow her to create a unique opportunity for the customer to work directly with an engineer to tailor the design of their equipment. Kay has built relationships with customers to create individualized solutions to their laboratory needs. NuAire’s custom sales experience is no exception to the company’s overall values of excellence and precision, reflecting NuAire’s commitment to customer satisfaction and success.

Custom Projects Scope

NuAire’s custom sales department has handled projects of all shapes and sizes, ranging from simple modifications involving the movement of an outlet or service valve to complex augmentations for containment enclosures and robotics enclosures. The department regularly handles requests for dimensional modifications of cabinets, to fit lab space dimensions or to house particular equipment. They also often add computer arms, monitors, and microscope windows into our standard cabinets while maintaining rigorous safety and performance standards you expect from a piece of NuAire equipment. Another common customization involves installing smooth interiors for increased ease in cleaning for pharmaceutical settings.

Regardless of what type of modification your lab and research require, NuAire’s custom sales department will do their utmost to meet your needs and provide equipment capable of not only meeting but exceeding your expectations. To top it off, you will of course still receive the excellent support and service for years to come, ensuring your custom equipment continues to perform at peak levels.

Sample of Recent Custom Products
Let me say that we have come to rely on Nuaire, as a strong partner to Vaccines & it is so because of our valued relationship with George Riley, who is always at our beck and call. Good Bless him (Keep him for Sure!!) & your Quality BioSafety Cabinets. Service is King & Quality is his side-kick!! So thank you! We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship. Keep up the good work & quality build.
Operations Manager at a Large Pharmaceutical Company