Compounding Aseptic Containment Isolator Restricted Access Barrier System

USP 800 Compliant | Sterile Hazardous Compounding | Negative Pressure Recirculating | ISO Class 5 Environment

The NU-NR800 is a Compounding Aseptic Containment Isolator (CACI) composed of a stainless-steel enclosure and polycarbonate front window with gloves that provides 20 air changes per minute of ISO Class 5 HEPA filtered air for the preparation of sterile but hazardous drugs. The isolator is sub-divided into an interchange chamber that is kept at a stronger negative pressure than the adjoining work chamber, which is itself at negative pressure to the room. This cascade of pressure simultaneously prevents contamination into the interior and the escape of hazardous material from it. A sliding door and work tray allow the passage of items within the isolator before compounding, while the hinged front window allows easy access for maintenance. Standard minihelic gauges display the pressure in both the work and interchange chambers while the standard PharmaGard™ digital monitor alerts the operator when the work chamber negative pressure has departed from its acceptable parameters. Separately available exhaust canopy and exhaust alarm accessories allow connection to an external exhaust blower.

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The PharmaGard™ model NU-NR800 is available in two different sizes to meet the needs of your pharmacy space and application.



Nominal 4-foot (1.2 m)


Nominal 6-foot (1.8 m)

Quick Specs

Chamber Pressurization Negative
Control System FlowGard
Downflow fpm (m/s) 45-55 FPM (0.23 - 0.28 m/s)
Protection [, Product, Personnel, Environmental]
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The FlowGard control panel features one minihelic gauge for each chamber. This allows the user to quickly monitor and compare the negative pressures in each one and ensure that the correct differential is being maintained between the work and interchange chambers. A PharmaGard digital monitor activates an alarm if the negative pressure in the work chamber departs from normal parameters. Membrane buttons turn on the blower and lights.



The entire compounding aseptic containment isolator is maintained at negative pressure compared to the room in which it is installed in order to protect against the escape of particulates. Inside, a downflow of 45-55 fpm (0.23-0.28 m/s) of HEPA filtered air creates 20 air changes per minute and an ISO class 5 environment. The interior is sub-divided into an interchange area that is kept at a stronger negative pressure than the adjoining work area in order to protect the sterile drugs compounded inside the work area from contamination floating in. Most downflow air is re-filtered and recirculated but about 5% is exhausted to ensure negative pressure.

Performance Evaluation
Restricted Access Barrier System Sliding Work Tray

Improved Workflow

Sliding Work Tray

Located in the transfer compartment, the sliding work tray provides a seamless transition when entering compounding materials into the work zone. The stainless steel work tray is mounted on ball bearing brackets to smoothly enter compounding materials into the sterile work area.

NuAire RABS feature three IV bar height locations

Designed for Multiple Technicians

Three IV Bar Locations

NuAire RABS comes standard with three IV Bar height locations allowing different pharmacy technicians to comfortably work within the CAI or CACI.

Restricted Access Barrier System Counter Balance Interior Window

Separating Environments

Counter Balance Inner Transfer Window

The transfer window counterbalance is isolated from the sterile product inside the inter-chamber wall. The window moves easily up or down with one finger. A security lock featured on CACI units ensures the inner transfer door remains locked if the outer door is open.



NuAire offers the NU-916-797 exhaust transition to enable pharmacies to connect the NU-NR800 unit to an external exhaust blower as required by the USP 800 guidelines and still enjoy the cost advantages of a canopy connection. As a recirculating design, the NU-NR800 requires much less exhaust volume than a total exhaust model and thus reduces not only the cost of installation but also lifetime operational costs for your pharmacy.

Note: This accessory is sold separately. The suitableness of a recirculating model for compounding hazardous drugs must be evaluated by a qualified risk assessment.

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NuAire® utilizes an independent network of sales and service professionals offering our customers a vast array of knowledge and relationships. Our inside sales and service teams are the pride of the industry; some of which have been with NuAire® since the beginning in 1971. We work hard and diligently to make you happy. That is our mission, and that is why we come to work every day. Purchase a NuAire® and become part of our family.


Backed by the Industry's Best

  • 3 Years Parts & Labor (United States and Canada)
  • Consult Local Distributor (Global)

Standard Features

  • 1 Supply EC Impeller on 4 ft (1,2m) Model
  • 2 Supply EC Impellers on 6 ft (1,8m) Model
  • 1 Exhaust Impeller
  • Stainless Steel Work Zone
  • One Outlet on Back Wall
  • Intake Prefilter
  • Supply HEPA Filter
  • Exhaust HEPA Filter
  • ISO Class 5 Work Zone
  • 20 Air Changes per Minute
  • Hinged, Polycarbonate Front Window
  • Sliding Transfer Door
  • Sliding Chamber Transfer Tray
  • Two Glove Ports on 4 ft (1,2m) model
  • Three Glove Ports on 6 ft (1,8m) model
  • Fluorescent Lighting
Air Changes 20 Air Changes per Minute
Air Cleanliness (ISO 14644) ISO-Class-5
Chamber Pressurization Negative
Construction Welded stainless steel 16GA, Type 304 pressure tight design
Control System FlowGard
Cord Pass Through Optional
Diffuser Metal, Non-flammable
Downflow fpm (m/s) 45-55 FPM (0.23 - 0.28 m/s)
Electrical Configuration 115V60Hz
Exhaust Filter 3-inch (76mm) 99.995% Efficiency @ 0.3 Microns
HEPA Filter Seal Type Neoprene, Spring loaded Under Negative Pressure
Interchange Chamber ISO Class 5 With Internal/External Sealed Doors
Interchange Pressure Maximum -0.15" w.g. (0.05" More Negative than Work Area)
IV Bar with 6 Hooks One Bar Included, Additional Bar Optional
Lighting Fluorescent
Light Intensity fc (Lux) 40 - 80 (430 - 860)
Outlet(s) One on Back Wall of Work Area
Performance Standard CETA-CAG-002-2006
PharmaGard Pressure Monitor Standard
Power Cord Length Foot (Meter) 12 (3.7)
Protection Product, Personnel, Environmental
Safety Certification UL, UL-C
Seismic Brackets or Studs Optional Side, Rear or Floor Mount Seismic Brackets
Service Valves (3/8-inch NPT) N/A
Style Bench top/console Isolator
Supply Filter 1 11/16-inch (43mm) 99.995% Efficiency @ 0.3 Microns
Supply Prefilter Top of Unit
Viewing Window Inches (mm) Hinged
Waste/Sharps Disposal System Optional
Work Area Pressure -0.15" w.g. +/-0.05" w.g.


NU-NR800-400 NU-NR800-600
Est. Shipping Width Inches (mm) Inquire Inquire
Est. Shipping Height Inches (mm) Inquire Inquire
Est. Shipping Depth Inches (mm) Inquire Inquire
Exterior Depth Inches (mm) 32.5 (826) 32.5 (826)
Exterior Height Inches (mm) 51.75 (1314) 51.75 (1314)
Exterior Height (Minimum with optional base stand) Inches (mm) 81.75 (1314) 81.75 (2076)
Exterior Width Inches (mm) 50 (1270) 74 (1880)
Interchange Interior Depth Inches (mm) 24 (610) 24 (610)
Interchange Interior Height Inches (mm) 27.375 (695) 27.375 (695)
Interchange Interior Width Inches (mm) 14.125 (359) 14.125 (359)
Interchange Work Tray Depth Inches (mm) 17 3/4 (451) 17 3/4 (451)
Interchange Work Tray Width Inches (mm) 12 1/2 (318) 12 1/2 (318)
Work Area Depth Inches (mm) 23.25 (591) 23.25 (591)
Work Area Height Inches (mm) 27.375 (695) 27.375 (695)
Work Area Width Inches (mm) 35.25 (895) 59.25 (1505)


NU-NR800-400 NU-NR800-600
Blower/Lights Amps 3 5
Outlet Amps 3 3
Power Cord 14 GA - 3 Wire, 15A 14 GA - 3 Wire, 15A
Rated Amps 6 8


NU-NR800-400 NU-NR800-600
Exhaust Requirement CFM (CMH) 200 (340) 225 (382)
Exhaust Requirement for Fixed Canopy (NU-916-797) CFM (CMH) 200 (340) 225 (382)
Plant Duct Static Pressure Inches (mm) 0.05 - 0.1 (1.24 - 2.54) 0.05 - 0.1 (1.27 - 2.54)


NU-NR800-400 NU-NR800-600
Glove Ports Two Three
Motor(s) 1 Supply Impeller, 1 Exhaust Impeller 2 Supply Impellers, 1 Exhaust Impeller


NU-NR800-400 NU-NR800-600
Heat Rejected (BTU/Hour) 795 1136


NU-NR800-400 NU-NR800-600
Net Weight lbs (kg) 440 (200) 590 (268)
Est. Shipping Weight lbs (kg) 490 (222) 640 (290)


NU-NR800-400 NU-NR800-600
Sound Pressure Level per ISO 4871 Inquire Inquire


Compounding Aseptic Containment Isolator NU-NR800 (115V)

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Infographic USP 797 and USP 800 PEC Requirements Flow Chart

USP 797 and USP 800 PEC Requirements

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General Technical Bulletin

NU-NR800 Performance Evaluation for Compliance to USP797 and USP800

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Restricted Access Barrier System Warranty

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BIM Revit

NU-NR800-400 Compounding Aseptic Containment Isolator 3D Model

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BIM Revit

NU-NR800-600 Compounding Aseptic Containment Isolator 3D Model

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Drawing Compounding Aseptic Containment Isolator NU-NR800-400 Drawing

Compounding Aseptic Containment Isolator NU-NR800-400 Drawing

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Drawing Compounding Aseptic Containment Isolator NU-NR800-600 Drawing

Compounding Aseptic Containment Isolator NU-NR800-600 Drawing

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NU-NR800 Manual

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PharmaGard Restricted Access Barrier Systems

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How it works. NuAire sells through a network of knowledge representatives, some who have been selling and servicing NuAire since our inception in 1971. We’ll notify your local representative who will reach out to you. He/She can assist with product selection/configuration, training, installation guidance, support throughout the life of the product, or just provide you pricing in a quick manner. We have some of the best customers who are doing some groundbreaking work. We would love for you to join our family and experience the NuAire Advantage.

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Let me say that we have come to rely on Nuaire, as a strong partner to Vaccines & it is so because of our valued relationship with George Riley, who is always at our beck and call. God bless him (Keep him for Sure!!) & your Quality BioSafety Cabinets. Service is King & Quality is his side-kick!! So thank you! We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship. Keep up the good work & quality build.

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