NuAire's Place in the 2015 ABSA Griffin Grant Program

2015 ABSA Griffin Grant Program

When it comes to safety in the workforce, businesses have taken an important stance on developing technology that ensures better biosafety and biosecurity. From using biodegradable equipment to implementing high-quality air-filtration systems, companies are ensuring a healthier environment for future generations. As a leader in the biosafety industry, NuAire is currently working with the IFBA to provide and promote biosafety and biosecurity worldwide and has enlisted in ABSA as a corporate member.

2015 ABSA Griffin Grant Program

ABSA is working with the Elizabeth R. Griffin Research Foundation, Inc. to soliciting proposals for a project that includes developing materials that will assist biosafety practitioners throughout the world with understanding, developing, implementing and validating protocols for inactivation of biological agents.

To apply for a grant to assist with this project click here.

Collaborating with the IFBA

The International Federation of Biosafety Associations has been integral in raising awareness and promoting biosafety and biosecurity and strives to ensure safe, practical and sustainable solutions for Biological Safety Cabinets -- enclosed, ventilated laboratory workspaces where users can safely handle materials that might contain pathogens -- worldwide. IFBA and NuAire work to provide safe alternative products that are healthier for the environment and are committed to training, educating and servicing Biological Safety Cabinets to ensure they are used in accordance with regulations and continue to be a sustainable option. NuAire has also signed on to Containment Engineering Working Group in an effort to educate and train biocontainment engineers to install, service and maintain Biosafety Cabinets.

The ABSA and Griffin Grant Program

The American Biological Safety Association was founded in 1984, serves the increasing needs of biosafety professionals worldwide and ensures biosafety as a discipline. The Griffin Grant Program, a nonprofit organization, was created to promote safety, increase occupational awareness in research communities and help fund further research into zoonotic diseases. The Griffin Grant Program teamed up with ASBA in an effort to support activities that align with the goals of both institutions, allocating funds to promote safety measures and education.


For over 40 years, NuAire has prided itself on designing, manufacturing and selling biosafety products to meet the industry's needs and expectations. All of the models use HEPA filtration and are designed according to the user's needs for containment and experimental focus. To learn more about Biological Safety Cabinets, please contact us at NuAire today.