NuTouch Electronic Control System

NuTouch Electronic Control System

The NuTouch Electronic Control System (ECS) is a color 5x7inch (127x178 mm) touchscreen that allows users to easily view and control the system with the touch of a finger. Designed after smart-phone technology, NuTouch has ROM for software, RAM for storage and EEROM for controlling parameters. The user-friendly interface is available in variety languages and lets operators program and calibrate optimum conditions for culture growth. THE ECS automatically makes adjustments to the growth chamber to maintain ideal growth conditions. Quickly access system parameters such as set points and monitor temperature hustory and carbon dioxide graphs right on the screen. The NuTouch ECS comes standard on every In-VitroCell CO2 Incubator.

Precise CO2 Controls

The direct-heat COincubator accurately measures the percentage of carbon dioxide gas using a dual-wave infrared (IR) sensor. The measurement is accurate within ±.01 percent and is insensitive to other components, such as water vapor. 

Faster Recovery Times

The COlevel and temperature recover automatically in approximately five minutes after a one-minute door opening. Humidity recovers to 90 percent of original level 20-40 minutes after a 15-second door opening. 

On-Screen Help

Help screens offer a step-by-step guide to assist in procedures such as running a sterilization cycle. User activated help pop-up descriptions are available if an item or icon is unclear. For example, pressing the text "CO2" on the main screen provides the description, "This control setting specifics the measured current valvue of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) inside the Incubator Chamber." 

USB Download Capability 

A USB port allows for downloading of data such as temperature history and carbon dioxide graphs. 

Additional Features

  • Available in English, Spanish, German and French
  • Customizable service reminders
  • Alarm notifications
  • Visual history performance
  • Password protection