CO2 Incubator Changing the Capsule HEPA Filter

This video shows how to change the capsule HEPA filter in a NuAire CO2 Incubator. The filter protects against contaminants and moisture and should be changed every two years or when it becomes saturated. It is recommended to inspect the filter every 6 months. Before starting the inspection and replacement process, it is essential to transfer and safeguard any cell cultures and safely shut down the incubator following the instructions in the manual. Once the incubator is shut down, open the doors and remove the valence to access the sensor bay cover. Remove the screws securing the sensor bay cover, remove the capsule HEPA filter and inspect it for discoloration that indicates it should be replaced. If necessary, remove the old filter from the tubing and connect a new one, making sure to install the new filter with the correct orientation. Carefully place the new filters back into the sensor bay and replace the cover. Replace the valence and close the door when finished.