Base Cabinet Polypropylene Casework

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ProGard casework is available in standard and custom sizes to outfit your laboratory.



36 x 22 x 29 in. (914 x 559 x 737 mm)


36 x 22 x 35 in. (914 x 559 x 889 mm)


42 x 22 x 29 in. (1067 x 559 x 737 mm)


42 x 22 x 35 in. (1067 x 559 x 889 mm)


48 x 22 x 29 in. (1219 x 559 x 737 mm)


48 x 22 x 35 in. (1219 x 559 x 889 mm)

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Number of Doors 2
Number of Drawers 2
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Recessed polypropylene casework hinges

Relieve Stress on Screws

Hinge Construction

Polypropylene casework uses a 3-knuclesd hinge with replaceable hinge pin recesses into the case door opening. By recessing the hinge flush into the door panel relieves sheer stress on the PTFE coated screws.

Polypropylene Casework Door Magnets and PTFE Coated Screws

No More Rust

Door and Latch Construction

PTFA coated magnets are embedded into the interior of the top and bottom of the door. Identifies magnets are embedded inside the case frame. All magnets are sealed with a polypropylene plug. Wire pull handles are molded from polypropylene and fastened to the door by PTFE coasted screws.

Polypropylene base cabinet construction

Design to Last

Base Cabinet Construction

ProGard casework is fully seam welded on the interior of the cabinet. Pre-drilled and counter-bored holes can be found on the cabinet's left and right sides to connect cabinetry during installation. The cabinet's interior features a 0.5-inch (13 mm) spill lip on the bottom floor. Standard construction includes a 4-inch (102 mm) high, 3-inch (77 mm) deep toe kick. Base cabinets feature a removable flush-mounted 0.25-inch (7 mm) thick access panel held to perform work on hidden plumbing and electrical running behind the casework.

Polypropylene drawer

Easy Cleaning

Drawer Construction

Interior seams are cemented and tacked to form smooth, easily cleanable interior corners. Sides are bolted (0.25-inch x 20, PVC hex head) to the rear panel for added strength. The front is fully seam welded to the sides and bottom. Wire pulls handles are molded polypropylene fastened by PTFE coated screws.

The NuAire© Advantage

NuAire® utilizes an independent network of sales and service professionals offering our customers a vast array of knowledge and relationships. Our inside sales and service teams are the pride of the industry; some of which have been with NuAire® since the beginning in 1971. We work hard and diligently to make you happy. That is our mission, and that is why we come to work every day. Purchase a NuAire® and become part of our family.


Backed by the Industry's Best

  • 1 Year Parts & Labor (United States and Canada)
  • Consult Local Distributor (Global)

Standard Features

  • Fully Seam Welded Interior
  • Fully Welded Drawer Glide Rails
  • 0.5-inch (13 mm) Reveal Around Drawers
  • Pre-Drilled & Counter-Bored Holes for Installation
  • 4-inch (102) High, 3-inch (77 mm) Deep Toe Kick
  • Molded Wire Pull Handled with PTFE Coated Screws
  • PTFA Coated Embedded Magnets
  • Sealed Magnets with Polypropylene Plug
Number of Doors 2
Number of Drawers 2


NU-30-3630 NU-30-3636 NU-30-4230 NU-30-4236 NU-30-4830 NU-30-4836
Est. Shipping Width Inches (mm)
Est. Shipping Height Inches (mm)
Est. Shipping Depth Inches (mm)
Exterior Depth Inches (mm) 22 (559) 22 (559) 22 (559) 22 (559) 22 (559) 22 (559)
Exterior Height Inches (mm) 29 (737) 35 (889) 29 (737) 35 (889) 29 (737) 35 (889)
Exterior Width Inches (mm) 36 (914) 36 (914) 42 (1067) 42 (1067) 48 (1219) 48 (1219)


NU-30-3630 NU-30-3636 NU-30-4230 NU-30-4236 NU-30-4830 NU-30-4836
Est. Shipping Weight lbs (kg)

NuAire Accessories

Please keep in mind parts and accessories are product and size specific, contact your sales representative for any clarity to your size questions.

Polypropylene Laboratory Equipment

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Polypropylene Fume Hoods and Casework Warranty

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Polypropylene Casework

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How it works. NuAire sells through a network of knowledge representatives, some who have been selling and servicing NuAire since our inception in 1971. We’ll notify your local representative who will reach out to you. He/She can assist with product selection/configuration, training, installation guidance, support throughout the life of the product, or just provide you pricing in a quick manner. We have some of the best customers who are doing some groundbreaking work. We would love for you to join our family and experience the NuAire Advantage.

Why Your Colleagues Choose NuAire

Let me say that we have come to rely on Nuaire, as a strong partner to Vaccines & it is so because of our valued relationship with George Riley, who is always at our beck and call. God bless him (Keep him for Sure!!) & your Quality BioSafety Cabinets. Service is King & Quality is his side-kick!! So thank you! We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship. Keep up the good work & quality build.

Operations Manager at a Large Pharmaceutical Company

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